Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cheers to Honey at 70!

One thing I love about Honey and her friends is that they still love to have fun at 70. 

We traveled to Thibodaux last evening to celebrate Honey's BIG 7-0 in style.

Picked up by a stretch Escalade (the kids just thought that was the best thing ever), we traveled to Melvin's Restaurant in Houma about 30 minutes away.

We had a blast laughing and singing all the way to our destination.

Melvin's Restaurant is a Houma institution. Set in a beautiful older home on the Intracoastal Canal, the restaurant features your typical Louisiana flavors.

Mom celebrated her birthday with the folks she loves most- her kids, grand kids, family, and best friends.

Happy 7-0 to Honey!

Cheers to 70, y'all!


  1. Good evening, Ron! Looks like Honey's birthday was awesome--styling in the limo! I haven't been to Melvin's in years, but I do remember that the food, service, and ambiance was amazing. Enjoy your evening! Cheers! xoxo

  2. A birthday during Mardi Gras season is just a little too much fun if you ask me! What a night to remember!

  3. You're such a good son! What a fun way to celebrate! She looks wonderful. You guys always do everything in style! I rode in a limo once for a wedding- it was fun!

  4. Cheers to Honey! May she have many more to celelebrate... What a great way to celebrate. Love the limo and the food look great! xo

  5. okay, now you've done it! now i want a limo for my next b'day although it's not QUITE my 70th! looks like "a good time was had by all"...what a good looking group. please tell Honey happy birthday for me.

  6. Happy Birthday to Honey!! You have an awesome family.


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