Monday, February 1, 2016

CROC- tails

I adore my newest painting by Thibodaux artist, Lisa Papa. It is perfect behind the bar.

I had the idea for a painting for behind the bar after I purchased these napkins by August Morgan. Aren't these adorable? I purchased the set from Hazelnut on Magazine Street.

I asked Lisa to paint an alligator with J & I's favorite cocktails - Bloody Mary's, mimosas, martinis. Lisa delivered in such a creative way.

I love how she has the champagne being poured by the tail.

CROC-tails, y'all!


  1. Very sweet! Love it! I would love to visit and have a fab cocktail. xo

  2. Love this! You have the best artwork!!

  3. How cute is this! Fits in that area just like it was made for it :-)

  4. Good morning, Ron! That painting is the perfect addition to your bar area! I love Lisa's work--she is so creative and talented! Have a great day! Cheers! xoxo

  5. Too cute! I should have thought of this first. I am always behind the door, it seems. Sigh....

  6. How cute! She is such a talented artist. It's absolutely perfect where you placed it.

  7. Love it! Love the tray and the cocktail napkins! We used to have tons of alligator motif things when we had our vacation house at Hilton Head Island. But I believe they have all been given away now. Still fun!

  8. That is adorable Ron! So fun and festive!

  9. Fits in with the energy perfectly. Your home even looks happy! :)

    Must say though the plastic cups ruin the classy vibe. No matter what's printed on them plastic cups are plastic cups. What drink feels nice in a plastic cup? None I've ever had.


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