Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's Carnival Time {King Cake Baby Platter}

How cute is this cake platter?

I first discovered the king cake baby cake platter in a shop in the French Quarter, and finally ordered one from Niche Modern Home.

The cake platter by Sea Gem Studios is 12" round bead embossed with a signature king cake baby with crown in the center. I love how it fits a small king cake. It also fits perfectly on top my cake plate and glass dome. This is a great addition to my Mardi Gras decor.

The story of the baby: 
Today, a tiny plastic baby is the common prize. At a party, the King Cake is sliced and served. Each person looks to see if their piece contains the "baby." If so, then that person is named "King" for a day and bound by custom to host the next party and provide the King Cake.

Check out more of my Carnival Home Tour:

King Cake Baby, y'all!


  1. That's adorable! I love the story behind it too. This is something we don't celebrate here in GA (as you know) so it's neat to see everything going on in your community.

  2. Good evening, Ron! This King Cake Baby Platter is so cute! Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  3. That is really cute. Smart how they made it so a cake could fit around it like that!

  4. Very cute platter. Sharing the meaning and design is fabulous. It fits right in with all of your fun Mardi Gras accessories. Xo

  5. What an adorable platter, it would be perfect for baby showers too! Love the new blog look too Ron!

  6. Very cute platter! Wonderful that it fits your needs perfectly!

  7. So cute, love how the baby is sporting a little crown. I have a question, where do you store all your seasonal decor?


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