Monday, January 25, 2016

It's Carnival Time {Zulu Warrior Sculpture}

I shared the reveler sculpture in an earlier post on the parlor mantle. I like him, but my newest addition is by far my favorite, the Zulu Warrior sculpture. 

The sculpture captures the Zulu Warrior in dress and stance. I adore that the artist uses a coconut cut in half  and hand painted to add to the display. If you've ever caught a Zulu coconut, you know how prized they are.

Only in New Orleans would coconuts, glittered shoes and purses be such treasured collectibles.

Custom made locally by Ann Sarpy, the sculptures are sold at Judy at the Rink.

I love supporting local artists and adding to my ever-growing collection of Mardi Gras collectibles.

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Zulu Warrior, y'all !


  1. Ron, that is an amazing sculpture! I have seen the Zulu parade (no coconut) but what a wonderful parade it is. Your collection of Mardi Gras items is so special.


  2. Good evening, Ron! I love that Zulu warrior. You have an amazing and unique collection of Mardi Gras memorabilia. I've never been to a Zulu parade but did get a Zulu coconut from one of my former students who was a Zulu maid. Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  3. That is a great piece you've found. I like how the beads are flowing out of the coconut. I know nothing about these events in NOLA so it's fun to read about them. :-)

  4. Oh wow, this piece really is amazing. I think it's my favorite.

  5. Really cool piece! I was wondering what he is made of (the body). I painted a Zulu woman recently -- don't know where I will put her, maybe she'll stay in the studio.

  6. I love how you go all out in celebrating Mardi Gras in your home Ron! A beautiful ode to such a great city!

  7. Love your Zulu Warrior sculpture and I love the beads spilling out of the coconut!

  8. I love the Zulu Warrior. He is perfect for your decor.


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