Thursday, March 10, 2016

Original Southern Art

I am loving this new original canvas by Gulf Coast artist Tehle McGuffee. J and I spotted this oh-so Southern art piece at Bay Life Gifts in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. The colors and the moss- draped grand oak and marsh spoke to us.

This is it in the shop in Bay St. Louis:

I ordered a picture light and hung the new piece above the fireplace in the parlor. It fits perfectly and looks great.

This is the painting at night:

I will get some better daytime pictures and share later. The weather here has been quite gloomy, and the forecast does not look great for the next couple of days.

Coastal art, y'all!


  1. Ron, I love this art piece so much. It looks fantastic above the mantle.

  2. Dear Ron you have no idea how I long to visit the south. As a child once I had a dream, a dream of something I never seen before. As an adult I found out that what I sawin my dream was a moss covered oak tree and ever since I have been obsessed with them, one day I will travel to the south and see their beauty in person. Your new artwork is just wonderful.


    1. You must travel down South. It is gorgeous in the Springtime, but way too hot in the summer.

  3. What brand/type picture lights do you buy? Yours looks great.

    1. I purchase all my picture lighting from Amazon (Amazon Prime). Here's the link:

      I love that it has a remote control and dimming function.

  4. That looks wonderful there. It speaks of your area so well. I know what you mean about gloomy weather- same up here.

  5. Good morning, Ron! I love art work--looks great above the mantle. The Bay area has such a great number of artists. I hope you and J are not having any flooding in your neighborhood! Enjoy your day off! Stay dry! xoxo

  6. This is one of my favorite pieces of art you have shared with us! Love it and it looks wonderful above your fireplace!


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