Monday, April 4, 2016

Uptown Acorn Eats {Cavan}

Last week, J & I tried a new restaurant on Magazine Street, and we were both impressed with the ambiance as well as the food.

Cavan is a new neighborhood with a foundation rooted in lively camaraderie. Inspired by the flavors of the American coast, the menu features rustic and hearty seasonal dishes that highlight quality salt and freshwater fish and fowl, both indigenous and imported. 

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The home is a lovely turn of the century manse filled with crystal chandeliers and aged-painted walls. There is a bar downstairs which was filled with the Thursday afternoon Happy Hour folks, and there is a bar upstairs which seemed more like a fun hang-out type of experience.

The vibe of the downstairs restaurant lends itself to convivial conversation with several round tables. I love to sit with a group of friends at a round table as it makes it easier to speak with all in the group.

May I recommend: crab deviled eggs, old bay fries & malt aoili, fried oyster Caesar salad

There is outdoor seating which is perfect in the spring and fall here in NOLA.

I cannot wait to be back with a group of friends.

Cavan, y'all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! Saw Cavan on Friday when we were on our way to Baru. Can't wait to try it. Glad that you gave it a favorable review. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I love New Orleans and of course, the food is always wonderful! Can't wait to try this new restaurant next time I visit! Happy Tuesday ~

  3. You know, you really have a great life! You always find the best shops and restaurants to partake. That place looks amazing. I love seafood, so that would probably be my choice.


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