Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back to Normal?

Last night was the very first night in a couple weeks that J & I slept in our master bedroom, and it was so nice.

Remember THIS?

Well, the ceiling has been repaired, and the maids have cleaned all the dust. It feels like "new again".

Have a great weekend.

Master bedroom, y'all!


  1. Yeah so glad you got your ceiling fixed. Can your maids come over to my house?!!! Glad you got to sleep in your own bed. There is nothing like being in your own bed. Happy Week End Ron.

  2. Oh my word, so glad it is all put back together and clean. Wow, that was a mess.

  3. Always a good day when the construction crews leave, and the mess gets cleaned up!!

  4. Good morning, Ron! I'm so glad everything has been repaired before you have to go back to school and you are back in the master bedroom! I'm raising my coffee cup to you as I enjoy my coffee with the beautiful view of Somes Sound in Maine with the mountains as a backdrop. Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Hooray for you! It looks like they did a great job with it all. Back to restful sleeping again!

  6. Yay it's fixed and nothing better then being back in your own bed!

  7. It looks wonderful Ron. Yeah!!! Nothing like one's own bed is there? BTW, can you send the maids my way for a wee bit!
    Hugs, from Manhattan!!!


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