Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pray for South Louisiana

The rain an hour from here has been relentless for the past few days. Areas that have not ever seen flooding before have received many feet of water. The areas around Baton Rouge and Lafayette have been devastated from rising rivers and flood waters. It is hard to fathom that even I-10 and I-12 are flooded in spots. You would think that evacuation routes would have no chance of taking on so much standing water. WOW!

The photos are startling.

My cousin even informed me this morning that my aunt's home in Denham Springs had taken on about a foot of water. She has lived in that home for 41 years and has never flooded prior to this system.

Prayers for all who have been affected by the rain and flood waters.

Prayers for South Louisiana, y'all!


  1. Ron, my heart aches for your family, friends and fellow Louisianians. Many West Virginians are still living in tents after the 100 and 1000 year (yes, that's what the NWS called the flooding in White Sulphur Springs, WV) flooding in June. I hope your people recover quickly.

  2. That is just awful. I can't imagine the mess it makes for homeowners and the cars too. There's going to be quite a mess to clean up afterwards. Prayers for all affected by this.

  3. Good morning, Ron. My heart is broken for our fellow Louisianaians affected by this historical flood. The pictures are horrific. Keeping all of them in my prayers. <3

  4. Ron,
    We are sending prayers your way for all those affected by this terrible flooding. My son has many friends in LA and said the pictures are just heartbreaking. I know the recovery will be long and hard but I hope things will get back to some normalcy soon.

  5. Prayers to your family and also all the Louisianians that are dealing with all of this flooding. Glad you are safe Ron. Hugs and prayers.

  6. I have been thinking of you all In LA. yes...prayers.

  7. Oh my goodness! Those pictures do tell an awful story! I have never lived in an area that flooded so I can't imagine the devestation that they are dealing with. I hope that the waters recede soon and people can recover without too much stress.

  8. Just watching on the news. Heartbreaking!! My prayers go out to all.


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