Monday, August 15, 2016

Welcome Back

Another school year has begun today. Wow, time certainly flies when you are having fun. Right?

Today was filled with the monotonous meetings of the usual day 1 for teachers. Tomorrow is more of the same.

Here's wishing all teachers and students a great year.

Welcome Back, y'all!


  1. Good evening, Ron! I feel your pain about back-to-school meeting for faculty! Those were the longest days. I hope you are having a cocktail or two! Cheers! xoxo

  2. Well you can dream about all your summer adventures while there! Best wishes for a great school year!!

  3. Love the sneak peek of your clever theme!! Oh the meetings. E hates those!!

  4. Welcome back! My son is already on his 2nd week of school. Just think what a difference you're making in children's lives though.


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