Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Spooktacular Halloween {A Circus}

Each year, the teachers choose a theme and dress up for our annual Halloween Assembly on October 31. This year's theme was The Teacher's Circus with teachers choosing various parts from animals to freaks to entertainers. We even had pooper-scoopers to tidy up after the "animals".

The idea started when a middle school student wrote an English paper using Wordly Wise words in an original story with a circus theme. It was called The Teacher's Circus.

From the story:

It was the time everyone had been waiting for! Mr. Carrier, the human cannonball, entered the ring. He bowed and entered the cannon. The crowd counted down and blast off! Mr. Carrier burst out of the cannon, with his cape, and flew out of the circus tent, smiling and waving. In a puff of smoke, he was back, and this time he sailed straight through a ring of fire! The people went bananas!

After a friend (Paula Ragas) sent me this idea on facebook, I knew I had to be the Iron Chef. For those of you who do not know, I am a secondary science major who majored in chemistry education with a minor in biology. Being a science educator, I could not wait to get the costume together for today, October 31.

The costume is also perfect for this year's theme in my classroom, the Periodic Table of Elements. If you missed my classroom theme post, click HERE.

I will be doing a costume change for this afternoon's assembly. Stay tuned.

I also thought today would be a great day to look back upon a month of A Spooktacular Halloween posts. I have had a fun October, but I only wish the weather would cool down.Trick or Treat, y'all!

 A Spooktacular Halloween 2016:

A Circus, y'all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! What a cute theme for the Halloween assembly, and your costume was the best! Looks like your faculty is always having a good time. Have a great day, "rocket man"! xoxo

  2. Love your human cannonball costume!I'm sure the children enjoy having a faculty that has so much fun and creativity!

  3. The Halloween assembly was fabulous! What a hoot! Great Iron Chef costume...I fully expect you to go all out for every holiday from now on.


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