Thursday, December 22, 2016

Heaux. Heaux. Heaux. {Cocktail Napkins}

I love a good cocktail and a great cocktail napkin. For the holiday season, I turned to Savannah's own Emily McCarthy for a couple designs. Gold foil on vibrant red is festive and perfect. Cheers! 

Both napkins feature the "R" & "J" monogram.

I also love the linen napkins by August|Morgan. Olive a Martini, oh yes I do!

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  1. Love your beautiful Napkins Ron. Every Martini should have a beautiful napkin under it. You know how to celebrate my friend. Wishing you and J a wonderful and Happy Christmas.

  2. So fun and festive. I thought of you the other day. One of the newer shopping centers near us have a theme throughout...squirrels and acorns! They have a set of giant gilded acorns for Christmas. Would look amazing in your yard!!!

  3. Love the napkins Ron - they always add the perfect detail. Yours will definitely make a tasty cocktail even better! Jane

    1. Thanks, Jane. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Good morning, Ron! You always have the cutest and neatest cocktail napkins! One of these days, hopefully soon, I'm going to make it down to Perrier Street and have a martini or two with you and J! Merry Christmas to you and J! Cheers! xoxo


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