Monday, December 12, 2016

Heaux. Heaux. Heaux. {The Den}

The den is the room that J & I use on a daily basis. Afterall, it is the room with the large TV. The den is opened up to the rear of the house, so it is the perfect spot to celebrate the holiday season.

The large tree {Frontgate} is filled with many of our most cherished ornaments. We try and collect one or two new special ones each year. Ribbons in a metallic chevron feature my favorite holiday combo: red, green, and gold.

On the fireplace, a gold bay leaf garland and wreath along with stockings and tassel cords add to the seasonal flair.

The coffee table features a couple frames of framed photos of J & I during trips to NYC. A Holiday candle by Nest is a seasonal fave.

Glittered trees, deer, and a moose are on the sofa table.

The den is certainly a warm, inviting room at Christmas time.

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  1. Ron, this is so beautifully festive! You have done a great job, as always!

  2. Good evening, Ron! Your den is so warm, cozy, and festive. I could curl up on the sofa in front of the fireplace with a good book and a cocktail! Cheers! xoxo

  3. My favorite! The tree is stunning and I would just lie down on the sofa with a cozy throw and relax with a cocktail. :) Honestly, this room is exceptionally warm and inviting. What fragrance did you choose for the candle?


  4. Hi Ron! You have really outdone yourself in the den - absolute perfection. Elegant, but put your feet up and get comfy at the same time. I think you have mentioned in the past that you are a teacher, so I am sure you are looking forward to winter break to enjoy this beautiful space - cocktail in hand. Jane

  5. Your den is so festive and welcoming! I was very tempted to curl up on your sofa but was afraid I couldn't get the pillow configuration right... Would probably choose the leather chair with the throw and the nice reading lamp for an afternoon read. Have you ever opened your home to a holiday tour?

  6. Fabuloso, and that tree?! Enchanting!

  7. What a cozy and beautiful spot to watch T.V. build a fire or look at the tree. It's perfect.


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