Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Makes Me Happy {Early Morning Silence}

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Early mornings make me happy. Of course, I do appreciate the early mornings when I can stay in my own bed, but life gets in the way of that. As with most folks, I do work. It is the time I get to school (6:30 AM) until chapel (7:55 AM), that makes me most happy. The halls are quiet. There are no interruptions, and I can get most of my school work and lesson planning done during that time. Of course, there is a hot cup of joe in my hand.

I have been a morning person most of my life (Honey and my sis can attest to that fact.), so arriving at work before the sun rises is nothing new.

Early morning silence is a great way to start my day and what makes me happy.

What makes YOU happy today?

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Silence make me Happy, y'all!


  1. Hi Ron,
    I am not an early morning person. By that I usually sleep until 7 or 8 am before I get up. I am a late night person and like to stay up sometimes until Midnight. I like the quiet of the house at night when things are still and peaceful. That makes me happy. Thanks for inviting me into your feature and I look forward to contributing soon. I think this is a fun way to get to know other bloggers better and also meeting some new bloggers. Thanks for doing this. Have a great day.

    1. When you're a teacher, your late lifestyle isn't an option! But if it works for you and your life, that's all that counts! Best wishes.

  2. Oh I agree. I am sure you have overload noise most of the day with teenagers.

  3. I am learning to be a morning person. I agree, the quiet before the "storm" is the perfect way to start the day fresh and renewed.

  4. Cute classroom. A quiet classroom is a precious thing. I love the quiet of the morning too.

  5. I'm a total morning person too. I love that time before the sun rises so much! And then daybreak when all the deer and birds are out. I rarely have to work before 10 (I'd prefer to, but people don't really like to get their hair done at 7AM), so my mornings are nice and long.

  6. I am a recently retired high school English teacher of 15 years. (Two separate careers, 20 years apart.) I made every effort to arrive at school at 6:30 daily, and was often the first teacher to sign in. Many of my colleagues though I was nuts. But that quiet classroom was precious to me. I was able to start my day calmly and in a centered way. I usually just went through the same routine to get ready for each day, and sipped the coffee I bought on the way there. Teachers were required to report by 7:20 and class began at 7:40. That daily hour-plus made a huge contribution to the teacher I was. I support you in this great practice! By the way, I love your classroom. A beautifully, colorfully decorated classroom speaks volumes to the students! Mine sometimes told me it was like a little home in my class, and that they truly appreciated the lively decor. I hope the rest of your year goes well!

  7. Thanks, Ron. I will try to get a post to you next month sometime. I am an early morning person, too. That is why I get to open at the VA by six o'clock. Noone else wants to do it. lol I do best on about 6 hours of sleep so if I am in bed by midnight or a bit earlier I do great.
    Happy Happy week to you, Ron. xoDiana

  8. Good evening, Ron! I have always been a morning person and still am. When I was teaching, I always got to school before dawn--like you, it was my sanctuary time, though my classroom was not nearly as cool as yours is. Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  9. How wonderful to be able to have that early morning silence! Making me happy today? This was the day for me to mentor a 4th grade student at the nearby elementary school!

  10. Oh yes, it is much better to have some quiet time to center yourself for the day ahead. Especially if you deal with children (no matter the age) all day. As a retired gal, I don't have to rush to get out the door in the morning. What makes me happy are my little Chihuahuas greeting me as I let them out to do their morning business (and chase the squirrels). Never a cross word out of them! Have a happy day!

  11. I'm not a morning person and now that I'm retired I don't get up until 8am at the earliest. BUT I stay up late, like 1am. Just how my body works. I can get up early if I have to LOL. What makes me happy today is seeing the blooms on a houseplant, pretty and pink!

  12. I like mornings too, especially now that I'm retired.


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