Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What Makes Me Happy {Nola Beans Diet Coke}

I am going to start a new series from time to time and even ask some of my closest blog friends to join me for sharing "What Makes Me Happy".

Today, I am sharing what makes me happy, a Nola Beans diet coke.

I allot myself one regular diet coke a day. I used to drink many more prior to my heart scare of 2013

Nola Beans is close to school, so walking there is no problem.

I think I mainly love the diet coke from Nola Beans due to the fact the ice is crushed. Crushed ice makes me very happy too.

I do miss my girl Lindsey who would walk to Nola Beans with me, but I am grateful for Tanya and Beth and gift cards from my students who spoil me with a refreshing diet coke from time to time.

Cheers! It's the small things.

What Makes Me Happy, y'all!


  1. It's the little things. With all my dietary restrictions, I have to allow myself one or two guilty pleasures!!

  2. Hi Ron, I am a frequent reader of your wonderful blog. I truly enjoy every one of your posts. I also am an Afib patient having had 3 cardioversions so far in the last 13 years. I am prone to it being triggered by excessive caffeine compsumption just got lazy about how much I consumed and didn't listen to first doctor, however in September it was 2 glasses of decaf ice tea that sent me to the hospital. On my follow up to doctor she now has me on NO caffeine, NO decaf, NO chocolate and only 4 ounces of any alcoholic beverage of any kind a day. She also does not allow me any super size surgary drinks. Any thing to stimulate the heart so now I am following her requests believe me. I do have a chocolate subsitute by eating carob candy from the health food store. I do miss my decaf coffee but bought carob powder to make hot chocolate. I never want to see those little pads again as I felt this last one and it hurt!!! ER Doctor says the heart was 6 years older from time before so he made me stay a few hours. I feel so much better with basically no palpitations in a given day. I pray you never have another episode! I came to your blog through which one, not sure but one of these fine ladies in blogland! Best to you and J for 2017 :) Healthy New Year!!

  3. Good evening, Ron! I love your idea of "What Makes Me Happy"! It's definitely the little things, like a phone call from one of my children instead of a text message. Have a great evening! Cheers! Xoxo

  4. I miss Nola Bean diet cokes too. But, I miss you more! ��

  5. This is so wonderful, Ron! In a world where we tend to focus on the negative, it's great to talk about some happy things! Cheers to happiness!

  6. Great new series. There are so many things to make each of us happy. You are right, most of the time, it is the littlest things that can bring happiness. I love a good cup of coffee. With the power out for over 18 hours, my husband and I were roughing it. We boiled water on our gas stove and used a paper towel as a filter, because we had no filters. We were relieved when the power returned and we treated ourselves to our Jura coffee station.

  7. Love this new series Ron. I am a diet coke lover too and am very picky about where I get mine. They have to mix it just right. McDonalds and Portillios have the best diet coke around by us. They use crushed ice too which I agree makes it even better. Glad you treat yourself to this each day.

  8. I'm happy for diet cokes too.

  9. I don't do caffeine for the same reason, except occasionally I live dangerously and have a bite of chocolate or a very small portion of The Real Thing. However, I do agree that it is the little things. Like your nice comment on my blog -- thank you.

  10. Love this series...maybe this is something to add to my bullet journal. I read your post on your heart scare...yikes! Take good care of yourself 'cause we all need you!

  11. Ron, love the idea of this series. Not a diet coke fan, in fact rarely have a regular coke. I am a fan of Starbucks Frappuccino Light. '-)


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