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What Makes Me Happy {Hyacinths for the Soul}

Welcome to my weekly series, "What Makes Me Happy!" I certainly have a treat for you today. Sarah of Hyacinths for the Soul is guest posting. Sarah is one of the sweetest blog friends. She has great style and grace.

Hello!  I'm Sarah @ Hyacinths For The Soul.

When my friend, Ron @ Uptown Acorn wrote to ask if I might

be interested in being part of his Happiness Series

I felt honored and thrilled.  

Honored that he would ask and thrilled that 

I could share what truly makes me happy.  

I'm a longtime fan of Ron's sense of style, 

his dedication to the teaching profession, and his joie de vivre

 Thank you, Ron, for the invitation!

What makes me happy?

First off, living with this wonderful, amazing man.

My guy is loving, faithful, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, 

generous, smart, articulate, and he cooks!

I believe that living a grateful life is the key to happiness, and

I am continually grateful for the life I share with my husband of 42 

years, along with this precious bundle of fur, Sadie Mercedes.

Time spent with family and friends, 

without fail, brings me happiness.

Sister Time ~ Always a Happy Time

Gardens make me happy.  

~ Time Spent Working in My Garden ~

~ Visiting Other Gardens ~ Wandering Around a Garden Center ~

~ Simply Enjoying a Beautiful Book on Gardens

Travel to Favorite Places or 

Just Being Outside in Austin, TX.



I was born a collector.  From an early age, my parents patiently 

went along with my affinity for picking up and 

toting home rocks, seashells, leaves, etc.

I had a passion for putting together groups of objects.

The passion has only intensified!

These days it's usually something vintage or antique 

that finds it's way home with me.


Put a needle in my hand, 

and I can spend many an hour happily stitching!

needlepoint ~ counted cross stitch ~ embroidery ~ quilting

Last, but not least ~ my daily treat makes me happy.

Starbucks Coffee Light Frappuccino Affogato

What brings you happiness?

Thank you, Sarah!

Join Uptown Acorn tomorrow for an Easter Tabletop Tour.

What Makes Hyacinths for the Soul Happy, y'all!



  1. I love all your collections, Sarah! So nice to see you over here and what fun to learn what makes you happy!

  2. I'm a long time fan of Sarah's! She has great style and such a warm heart!

  3. Great post and so nice to see all that makes you happy.

  4. Thank you, Ron, for inviting me to join your weekly series. I'm happy to be here today. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Wishing everyone a very happy spring!

    1. You certainly are a joy. Your feature was quite the popular one. xo

  5. I love Sarah and her great sense of style, along with yours as well Ron.
    A lovely peek into more of Sarah's world is a treat. xo

  6. Sarah, what an absolutely beautiful photograph of you and what makes you happy. I am swooning - constantly - over your collections.
    Ron, as an educator and lover of all things home, garden and fun, you chose wisely in choosing Sarah to share what makes her happy.

    1. She is a doll with a great sense of style.

  7. That is such a wonderful photo of such a lovely lovely face!
    I french braid too:)'s a pleasure for me to "know" you♥Yours stitching is perfection:) And what a dera couple you make..Jacques and I will be married 43 yrs this close:)
    Thanks for picking Sarah Ron..:)

    1. Sarah is such a joy to know in the blog world.

  8. Sarah, you're such a doll! I'm definitely going to make it a point to meet you one of these days.

  9. Thank you Ron for your Happiness Series. I'm adding your blog to my favorites.

  10. Sarah... you radiate happiness. I love all your beautiful things and I am so happy that I got to meet you wonderful hubby. Ron, you picked a real gem when you chose Sarah. Hope the both of you have a wonderful week.

  11. Lovely post by Sarah and it made me smile. Lovely things to enjoy. Hello Ron. I'll have to link your blog to my feedly...

  12. It's all about appreciating the little things as you have certainly demonstrated in this happy post Sarah! You are a perfect addition to Ron's Happiness series, great choice Ron!

  13. Sarah, what a beautiful post on what makes you happy. You have so many beautiful things.

    Thank you Ron for this talented woman. Great post on Sarah.


  14. That was such a pick-me-up, Sarah! My list would look at lot like yours!

  15. Oh lovely! I just "met" Sarah and I already adore her. I'm so glad you featured her and that I found your blog as well.


  16. What a great weekly series Ron publishes on Uptown Acorn and Sarah what a great post. I know what wonderful collections you enjoy and your love of life. Love all the photos, your chef, sister and of course Sade's Mercedes. Sarah is a sweetheart and I am thankful to call her a dear friend.

  17. What a great post on what makes Sarah happy! I always love reading about Sarah's collections, the food that her "chef" prepares, her love of her precious Sadie, and her beautiful gardens. It was so nice meeting you, Ron.

  18. I love Sarah"s sweetness and style. This is a beautiful post on what makes her happy.

  19. Good morning, Ron! Continuing to love this series that you do! Great post, Sarah of what makes you happy. Heading over to your blog so that I can "meet" and follow you! Have a great day! xoxo

  20. Sarah, love this post. So wonderful to see that which you love (much of which has been foreshadowed on your blog). This was truly a beautiful start to my day. xo Marlis

  21. Ron, It's nice to meet another blogging fan and friend of Sarah's! What a wonderful happy list and so many things that make me happy too! ♥

  22. Sarah, it's lovely to step a bit behind the blog and see some of the things you love so much and that make you so happy. I can see why!

  23. Sarah, what makes you happy has made me smile. Reading this post has started my day off just right. You are a lovely and gracious lady. Thanks, Ron, for this series.

  24. Sarah is a very sweet lovely person, and she is a wonderful choice for your feature. What a great photograph of her!

  25. After reading about what makes Sarah happy, I understand why I fell in love with her after reading her first post. She exudes happiness in all that she does.

  26. Like everyone else I admire Sarah and this was enjoyable to read! She's a sweet lady and I adore her manicured yard and gardens. Thanks for hosting this enjoyable series!

  27. Sarah is a real sweetheart, so happy to call her a blog friend! I admire her talent!! Thanks for having her share.

  28. Again, Ron, thank you for inviting me to join this series. It is heartwarming to read all these delightful comments. I'm truly touched with the generous compliments.
    Hope you have a grand weekend!

  29. Sarah is certainly one of the sweetest blogging friends I have - and I learned something new: I didn't know she enjoyed stitching!!

  30. Dear Ron, thank you so much for inviting my wonderful friend Sarah to be your guest blogger. Imagine my delight when I saw the photograph that I took of Sarah & Mr A sitting in their car outside our home here in Normandy. We had such a great time together when they visited in 2011.
    Sarah has such style and grace and is a true collector in every sense, her home and garden are her canvas and she decorates both beautifully.
    Maggie @ Normandy Life.

  31. A very delightful post by a very delightful blog friend! I love you Sarah and your sense of style and joie de vivre!

  32. I am also glad to have found Ron's blog through your post, Sarah!

  33. How lovely to read a little more about you and to see those beautiful photos!
    We have much in common, of a similar age and I enjoy stitching, collecting and gathering all manor of things!
    Our wedding anniversary is 11th April - 47 years!
    You are so lucky to have a sister Sarah, I had three brothers!
    Wishing you more happy times
    Shane x
    PS Thankyou Ron for highlighting Sarah and her blog.

  34. Wonderful, Sarah. I agree about gardening.

  35. Hi Sarah, you are blessed. You have a joy for life and many interests that will keep you happy for a long time. Plus you are a cutie!!..Happy Week to you..Judy

  36. Lovely post, Sarah--I so enjoyed learning more about you and meeting some family. Your head shot at the beginning is GORGEOUS! Love partying with you and your posts at Vintage Charm :)


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