Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Does Your Garden Grow ? {Spring 2017}

Recently, I planted the late spring/summer begonias. The front garden is looking very lush as temperatures have been so pleasant.

As you can spot, one of the begonias dares to be different. In a sea of white begonias, there is one pink begonia. Yes! I left it. Dare to be different, folks!

The front garden consists of sweet olive trees, cast-iron plants, indian hawthorne, hydrangeas, foxtail ferns, and the giant leopard plants. I also added several caladium plants as well as bulbs that have yet to sprout out of the ground. The caladiums will grow out of the giant leopard plants. As I've stated many times, I just love a garden of greens and whites. Besides looking great during the day, the white pops at night.

Giant Leopard Plant: click HERE

Have you accomplished your spring plant yet?

How does your garden grow, y'all?


  1. I love everything you did in the garden, I am in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and I would love to grow something like that but I have a very shaded yard along with the wonderful swings in weather we have here, I am so glad I found your blog and plan on doing some reading!

  2. LOL- I love the one little pink "fooler" in your plan there, Ron. My grass finally greened up in the last two days! Crazy!!! AND I actually found some tulips that poked their heads up! Whoo Hooo---feeling like I won the spring lottery here. xo Diana

  3. Your front garden looks wonderful! You are right about the white- it does glow at night. I haven't planted anything yet but I will be soon! I've got my planters all ready :-)

  4. Good morning, Ron! Your front flower beds are so gorgeous and so lush, and I'm you left the pink begonia! I actually have a new person to take care of my front beds coming this morning. Have a great day! xoxo


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