Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Makes Me Happy {Infuse with Liz}

Welcome to another week on my series, What Makes Me Happy. Liz of Infuse with Liz is my guest host today. Liz is a great blog friend, and I am happy to share her "happys" with you today.

Hello everyone! First I want to thank Ron for inviting me to be a part of his 
What Makes Me Happy series!

I live in Traverse City, Michigan which is in a very northern region of our state. Our area is full of lots of pine and hardwood trees, lakes, rivers and plenty of wildlife!

Winter can be very long up here and there are too many gray days!  Because of that the first thing that comes to mind that makes me happy is Sunshine!  

This picture from last summer showing a happy sunlit summer day brings me great joy!  I love to relax on the deck with some iced tea and stare out to the gardens.  We also have a seating area out on the patio and enjoy how much cooler it can be in the shade.  Our summers are the best up here- the temperatures are fantastic.  

I look forward to picking out the flowers each year and watching everything come alive.  I am definitely at my happiest during this time!  We built this patio ourselves and put in the water fountain too!

I also have a small fairy garden which appeals to my whimsical side!
I have a 2nd blog dedicated to sharing my gardens at

A wild turkey coming out by the woods viewed just below one of the bird feeders
This is a fairly current picture and as you can see spring is still unfolding here.  Visits from the wild turkeys are a regular thing these days!  There are usually 3 toms and 4 or more hens visiting.   It always brings a smile to my face to see nature in action!

I am always happy when we can get away on weekend trips to visit some of the touristy towns and small boutique shops.  This is from a trip we made to the Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort, MI which about 40 minutes away from us and is off of Lake Michigan.

A quick walk to the lake shore is a must!  Walking on the warm sand is a treat!

This guy makes me happy!  Dan and I have been married 39 years now!

My entry to the blogging world was to share my love for decorating and to find others with similar interests.   If you've followed me for any length of time you will know that I love to shuffle my furniture around in the living room and to reuse the decorative accents I already have.  This all makes me happy and I so enjoy the new friends I've made through blogging because of this.

Son and daughter in-law     my sisters & I (stripe top), mom and great granddaughter        daughter and mom
Of course being with my family and having our children home for visits makes me especially happy.  I am blessed to still have my mother who is 94 yrs. old now and my three sisters too!

We have come full circle now becoming grandparents and we are happy beyond measure! 
Life is good!

Sunshine, Gardening, Weekend Trips, Decorating and being with Family pretty well define the things that make me happy!  

Thank you again Ron for inviting me to be part of the What Makes Me Happy series!  You are such a sweet guy and I enjoy following you on your blog as well as Facebook!

Thanks Liz for sharing your "happys" with us today.

What Makes {Infuse with Liz} Happy, y'all!


  1. I follow Liz and always enjoy her blog. Great post and nice to see her and her family.

  2. Love Liz Ron. She lives in a beautiful part of Michigan. I grew up in Michigan and that area is wonderful. It was fun to see her post here today. Have a good week.

  3. Liz is a great friend of mine. I believe I introduced her to blogging. We met in HGTV's Rate My Space. What a delightful post from Liz about what makes her happy. Great series Ron! xo

  4. Liz is a long time blogging friend, so I'm thrilled to see her featured here, Ron. Her love of gardening makes me smile. I so enjoy seeing her beautiful garden and life in Michigan. Love this series, Ron!

  5. Liz is a great friend and I've followed her for some time now. I am from Michigan too so we have this in common. Love seeing her post here today and all the details that make her happy. She is very talented with her tablescapes, gardens and home decorating. Liz is an inspiration to all. Thanks for sharing her post. This is a wonderful series.

  6. Nice post in your Happy series. I always enjoy Liz's blog and reading her posts. She has a great garden blog too.

  7. Liz is a friend that I've followed for a while as well. She is just a sweetie who is a talented decorator and gardener. Thanks for spotlighting her! ♥

  8. This is a lovely post, Liz. Reading your blog and looking at your gardens (and now hat beautiful grandbaby) always makes me happy).
    I am so glad I met you blogging and if I could throw hard enough across the lake I could probably hit your hard. xo Diana

  9. You never know who is reading unless we comment.
    I enjoy Liz's blog. The painting over her fireplace
    captured my attention, it is beyond gorgeous to me.
    Her hostas in the garden Oh I could sit for hours.
    Linda C in Seattle

  10. Good morning, Ron! Great post, Liz! Your grandson is precious! I'm heading over to your blog and sign up for your blog posts! Have a great day! xoxo

  11. This is the first time I have learned of Liz, but you can be sure I will be following her. Great choice Ron.

    Have a great weekend.


  12. Liz is such a sweet lady and good blog friend. That's really "up Nawth" for us Southerners, isn't it? Always fun to see life in another part of the country, too.

  13. Liz is such a sweet blogger and I follow her beautiful blog. Thanks for the treat of finding out what makes Liz happy! Beautiful post!

  14. I enjoyed reading more about Liz. We have been blogging friends for years. Her gardens are beautiful and she has such dedication. Lovely write up Ron.


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