Thursday, April 20, 2017

#tbt {The Courtyard}

Private. Lush. Tropical.

Many New Orleanians live in their private backyards, and J & I are no exception. We love our “secret gardens”. Head out the sliding doors of the breakfast room and meet me in the courtyard. You might want to bring an Arnold Palmer



The courtyard does not get much direct sunlight no matter how many times or how much the large hollies are pruned. Aspidistra leaves (also known as cast-iron leaves), palms, ferns, elephant ears, and caladiums fill the grounds and many planters in the yard. The courtyard is a lush, tropical oasis.

You can get much more information on the cast iron plants here:


All of the furniture was used from out previous Atlanta yard and fit perfectly in various spots on the courtyard.


The courtyard features a built in brick pond/fountain. The sound is very soothing.


The large metal farm troughs hold various plants and herbs.


The alley way includes many more cast-iron leaves, ferns, and elephant ears.


A view from the second floor balcony down to the courtyard.


Today, enjoy more of the tour of the rear courtyard. The courtyard includes an upper balcony area along the rear of the house, a covered area perfect for relaxing, and a lower brick spot for dining & grilling.

Upper area:






Lower area: 
(Believe it or not, I do love the green algae which grows readily on the old brick. It certainly gives the courtyard character and charm.)








One of my favorite gifts, a rooster weathervane.


View from the courtyard to the second floor balcony outside the master bedroom.


Canopy of holly trees.


Major Sources:
Furniture- Frontgate, Lowe’s,, Frontera
Outdoor Rugs- Frontgate
Outdoor Pillows- Frontgate, Ballard Designs, Lowe’s
Farm troughs- Ace Hardware
Grill- Home Depot
Plants- Green Parrot Nursery, Perino’s Nursery, Ganier’s Nursery
(If you have a question about any other item, simply leave a comment, and I will gladly get back to you.)

I hope you enjoyed your time on this “secret garden” tour.

Courtyards, y’all!


  1. Thank you for the peek into your courtyard. These private gardens are one of the most fascinating parts of New Orleans for me. For several years some friends and I would go to New Orleans for the day and I always wished for the opportunity to explore the gardens. You have a beautiful garden.

  2. Lovely! I love spots like this that are private and yet you can enjoy the out-of-doors. I used to live in Louisiana, and there's something special about the air there. I think it's because it's around sea level (or below?). I feel better at that level. Everything is just more relaxing there. I love your pond feature! Build up! Why not? Thanks for the great tour!

  3. Good evening, Ron! I love your courtyard--such a beautiful private, oasis! Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  4. Such a lush, peaceful sanctuary for you both! Since I started following you only several months ago, I often wonder what, if I may ask, prompted your move from Hotlanta to NOLA?

  5. What a special and inviting spot. I would definitely be there all the time.

  6. It is gorgeous Ron! My kind of secret space for sure!!

  7. I love your courtyard, Ron. There is nothing I love more than those small secret spaces in a garden. I bet you guys really enjoy it a lot of the year. It is so lush and tropical feeling!!! Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  8. Your courtyard is so beautiful. I would like to put my feet up with a glass of lemonade and read a good book.

  9. New Orleans courtyards are the best!! Can you help me Ron? My son will be a Freshman at Tulane this Fall (yay!). We visited this week, rode the streetcar, visited Audubon Park and had lunch at the Camellia Grill. Can you tell me some other things we need to see in this part of town? Thanks so much, Judy

  10. Very beautiful courtyard! Nothing better than a private garden. One question: I have noticed that many people use these livestock troughs as planters now, and I was wondering if you have to drill holes in the bottom for drainage? This would be a great solution for me in my back yard for an herb garden (if I can keep the chipmunks out of it!).

  11. Absolutely fabulous. My favorite is the lattice. I can see why you'd spend time here. Also, I'd never remove the green algae from the bricks either.


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