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#tbt {Southern Bird Oils}

The original post was posted 5 years ago, June 21, 2012 #tbt.

Enjoy the revisit.
As you know, I adore Southern bird oil paintings- egrets, herons, pelicans, spoon-billed birds. Just days ago, I scored a new one to add to my collection compliments of Chic Chateau.


Take a look at the colors of the Roseate Spoonbill. I love the pop of pink against the dark greenish-blue muddy background. The life-like nature of this bird really impresses me.
I hung my newest oil in the dining room above my French-inspired Wisteria shelving unit. It looks perfect!


I am slowly rearranging and preparing for an upcoming photo shoot. Have I said how much I heart summer?


From February 24, 2012:
As you know, I am in love with all things Southern as atested in my past blog post On Being Southern and my page My Southern Style.  A number of followers and friends of my blog have noticed the vivid oil paintings in many of my home pictures and have asked me to feature these oils in a future blog. Well, today is your lucky day. Today, I feature the beautiful Southern bird oils hanging in various rooms of my home.

After my mom’s stroke in Fall of 2009, I was going back and forth from NOLA to Thibodaux on a weekly basis. BFF DTW of Chic Chateau asked me if I would be interested in doing some work to help the store out with a client or two. I jumped at the chance since I’d been spending many days and nights in Thibodaux. I fell in love with the array of bird oils available in the shoppe. Much of my paychecks went to purchasing these magnificent oils. I am in love with my vast collection.
The oils are all handpainted by various artists. Many are commissioned by Chic Chateau.  They are all purchased from a Fine Art Co. that commissions artists to paint requested subject matter. Chic Chateau requests southern birds, landscapes, jazz, southern themes, etc. DTW has also sent photographs to be painted. A few years ago she also submitted a photo of Thibodaux’s own Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral and had several painted.
 Chic Chateau "hand" picks many oils at trade shows or from detailed photographs.
I hope you enjoy these lovely Southern bird oils as much as J & I do.

You can see many more Southern Bird oils and other selections by going to Chic Chateau's facebook page...
Simply click here: Chic Chateau's Facebook page

Bird oils, y’all! 
(You can never have too many.)


  1. Wow, I love the new painting. Kind of bummed that you got to CC first!

  2. What a gorgeous collection Ron. Love the bright colored one you featured.

  3. These are beautiful Ron. Loved seeing them in your post tonight. Gorgeous frames around these works too. Sooooo pretty.
    Hope your summer is going great and you are enjoying the break.

  4. Good morning, Ron! I love your newest addition to your bird oils collection! It looks great above the shelving unit in the dining room. Photo shoot? Are you going to let us in on this little secret?! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Ron, your collection is stunning. They are lovely in your home. Thank you for sharing your passions with us!

  6. Ron the art is just beautiful, and you arrange it with perfection in your beautiful home, thank you for sharing

  7. Such a beautiful collection! Just lovely!


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