Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Struggle is Real

I saw this meme today, and it had me thinking back to my childhood and things today's kids will never know.

Remember using a phone book to lookup a phone number.

Remember the fun we had "prank" calling.

Remember waiting for your favorite song on the radio in order to tape it and the host would talk at the beginning or before the end of the song.

Remember perusing the Sears catalog and circling your Christmas wishes.

Remember playing outside until the street lights came on.

I could go on and on.

Now, it's your turn. Add to my list of things you remember as a kid that today's youth just will not understand.

Struggle is Real, y'all!


  1. I love this, Ron! I am about a year older than you so I can relate to all of these. Here are a few - a dialing phone, a phone with a really long coiled cord that you would have to stretch into the next room, "party lines" on the telephone, using the card catalog at the library - the good ol' Dewey Decimal system, getting up to turn on the TV which had VHF and UHF channels, cartoons on Saturday mornings, using white to correct mistakes on the typewriter and then never being able to line up the paper the same after correcting many struggles we had! Great post - Happy New Year!

  2. Good morning, Ron! Calypso in the Country named a lot of mine! I do remember making prank phone calls from pay phones at the bayouside park and having roller skates that you had to use a key for to tighten them up! What about watches and alarm clocks that you needed to wind up! Love this post! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. The one about trying to record the song (with interruptin DJ) rally brought back some memories! How about riding in the back seat of the family station wagon - facing the cars behind us - without seatbelts! In fact, no one wore seatbelts. It's a wonder we lived to tell....
    Also, how about smoking on airplanes? Or in offices, etc? I remember conference room folding chairs at one of my employer's...they had little ashtrays on the backrests for the person behind...

  4. No one had microwaves when we were growing up! Popcorn didn’t come in a bag to be popped in 90 seconds! There was no internet- writing letters and mailing them was how we communicated vs. e-mail nowadays! Calling someone long distance was so expensive you had to time how long you talked to keep the bill as small as possible!

  5. Ok, now that I have read these, I thought of Remember the clock radios that used to have numbers that would flip down? Then every now and then, a number would get stuck. Old gas station tanks used to have the same type and you would hear that shuffling sound as the numbers came down. What about using film in cameras - You would be so careful with each of the 24 pictures you could take on your camera. Then you would bring the film to a Fotomat and go back and pick up the pictures a couple days later. Or you would pay extra for the next day photos. But when you picked them up, you ended up only being happy with about 2 of the photos because someone blinked or something! Oh this walk down memory lane is so much fun...

  6. I remember all of these, and along the lines of the film in your camera, remember the flashcubes? You could only take 4 photos with 1 flashcube.

  7. I remember all of these, and along the lines of the film in the camera, do you remember the flashcubes? You could only take 4 pictures with 1 flashcube.


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