Friday, July 13, 2018

Stuff, stuff everywhere

Those of you who know me also know that I am quite the "neat freak". My present dining room and breakfast room have become storage areas for new purchases as well as items we are keeping for our new home.

This is how my present dining and breakfast rooms look today. Oh! What a mess (filled with lovely new objects)!

I cannot wait to get back to my usual organized self. It will be quite a busy couple months.

Stuff Everywhere, y'all!


  1. Oh how I can relate. Moving and remodeling is always a mess, but look at all the goodies you have for the new house.

  2. And the fun begins (not)! Which is worse packing or unpacking! Looks like you’ll be moving soon!

  3. I feel your pain...I broke out in hives just looking at it ;-)

  4. Good evening, Ron! I know this is driving you nuts! But keep telling yourself that when the Acorn Cottage is done, that it will be worth this mess! Have you thought about renting a climate controlled storage unit to store all of this until you make the move? I still want to know where you are going to store all of the decorations that are on the third floor. ;) Hang in there and have a martini or two or three! Cheers! xoxo

  5. Oh my that is hard to live in the midst of. Still the excitement must be wonderful.

  6. Oh Ron, I can only imagine how you feel! And when the boxes arrive, you have to open so you can inspect, making even more mess. Give us any tips you feel are relevant when you work through all your stuff for the move, and how you decide what gets left behind. What a job that will be for me someday!


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