Friday, February 22, 2019

Eating New Orleans {Picnic Whiskey and Provisions}

J and I had read reviews that were all over the place about newish Uptown establishment Picnic Whiskey & Provisions by three seasoned restaurant gurus. After dining there last Sunday brunch, I too am all over the place. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

Let me start off by saying the space at State and Magazine Streets is precious. The decor is spot on and interesting.

Upon seating, we asked our waiter for two bloody Marys. In his exact words, "I'll see if we have the stuff to make those." What??? It's New Orleans, and it's a Sunday brunch. The waiter did come back to the table to tell us that the bartender would attempt to make them. Attempt??? OMGosh!!! He did say that bloody Marys are not normally on the menu (really???), but they would be serving some during the Mardi Gras season. 15 minutes later, J and I had our bloody Marys, and they were watered down and just gross. The waiter took them back, and they were remade. They were acceptable but nothing wonderful. I hope the bartenders will practice. Get a bottle of zing zang and some vodka....voila!!!

We started with the 


sidewalk roasted chilis, sea salt and Crystal hot sauce pulp 
The pimento cheese was really good. It may be a tad spicy for those that cannot enjoy a spicy meal.

J dined on the 


heritage boneless light & dark meat with a warm cornbread cake biscuit and Crystal hot sauce pulp
It was just okay. I did enjoy some of the warm cornbread cake biscuit though.

I dined on the 


double stacked light & dark meat, mirliton dill pickles, butter steamed sesame bun, lemony white miso mayo

Again, it was okay. There was waaaaaay too much of the mayo.

Overall, it was just okay. Will we be rushing back? Probably not!

Picnic Whiskey and Provisions, y'all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! I'm so glad you reviewed this restaurant--my interest was peeked when I read about on NOLA Eater. I'm with you on the Bloody Mary--you can't go wrong with Zing Zang and vodka! That pimento cheese looks amazing, but it's not enough to lure me to that restaurant. NOLA has too many great places to have Sunday brunch! Natalie and I had brunch at Cafe Degas the day after we saw The Book of Mormon--it was really good (both the musical and our food). Have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. Sounds like Picnic has some kinks to work out. Hard to believe they couldn't make a great Bloody Mary or not even sure if they could make one?? There are too many great places to eat in NOLA to settle for average.


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