Wednesday, June 10, 2020

J'adore {Reprotique Light Switch Plates}

I first spotted these "fancy" light covers on Brandon Branch's instagram when he mentioned them from Tabby Home of Savannah. I was intrigued. I immediately fell in love with the Pastoral Tree, Singh Collection, printed switch plate. I decided to order one for the den. When it arrived, I could not wait to get it in place. I really like the way it fits into my traditional, Southern decor.

When it arrived I noticed that the light switch plates were from Reprotique, a company out of Virginia. I quickly checked out the website and just had to order a couple of these, the Squirrel Printed Light Switch Plate, Singh Collection. After all, the Acorn Cottage must have a squirrel just trying to get a "nut." These two light switch plates will go in the area where the mural is being painted.

Reprotique Switch Plates are made to order and created individually in Richmond, Virginia. Each handcrafted piece receives personal attention; traditional lines with modern twists. Our custom designed light switch plates incorporate our fine arts collection, exclusive to Reprotique.

If you check out the Reprotique website, there are lots of choice in a variety of sizes.
I will definitely be adding the tortoise ones soon. Stay tuned....

Thanks also for the comments on the hand-painted mural. Here is how it looked after Day 1:

The muralist will be continuing tomorrow.

Light Switch Covers, y'all!


  1. jumping over to the website for the switch plates. they are looking wonderful in your beautiful home

  2. Hi Ron, we're really glad you love the Pastoral Tree Switch Plate Cover. Thanks for the mention! - Debbie, TABBY Home

  3. Good morning, Ron! I love those light switch covers! I'm going to check out that website to see if there are ones that I can buy for my granddaughter's room! That mural is looking great--can't wait to see it when it is finished! Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Very nice, Ron. Love those & your mural is fabulous! Now get those little bottles of craft paint in the applicable colors & paint the screw heads. My switchplates always match the background.


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