Monday, November 30, 2020

It's Christmas Time {Chateau Lapeyre}

As per holiday tradition, J and I travel "back home" to the bayou for Thanksgiving and decorate several family members' homes. My sister and brother-in-law have a lovely home in Ardoyne Plantation Estates, and it is always a favorite to decorate. Most of the decorations were purchased for their first Christmas in their new home three years ago, but we have since added some here and there. The home is a beautiful French, Acadian style with great details. Even the pool house/outdoor kitchen area did not escape some holiday spirit.

Enjoy the photos of Chateau Lapeyre graced in her Christmas splendor:

2020 It's Christmas Time posts:

Acorn Cottage Facade | Chateau Lapeyre | 

Chateau Lapeyre, y'all!


  1. OH My Gosh, Ron! You and Jeff did a fantastic job! What a beautiful home and your decorations are the icing on the cake. I see J didn't get any BIG COLORED BULBS worked into the decor. LOL. xo Diana

  2. Good morning, Ron! I have admired Chateau Lapeyre since the first time you decorated it for Christmas three years ago! Again, this year, you have done another amazing job decking the house outside and in in Christmas splendor--so beautiful and classy! Colette is lucky to have a brother so talented! I have serious envy of their pool house and outdoor kitchen, too! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. So beautiful, Ron, and such a beautiful canvas to begin with. Your home is also a stunner.I'd hire you in a skinny minute but I'd want a fat budget so you could do it right.

  4. I see great taste, simply runs in the family. I love traditional architecture and elements. Gorgeous, and so green, lol. Sandi

  5. I just love your sister’s home. The tree is gorgeous and the outside pool area is too!


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