Tuesday, December 1, 2020

It's Christmas Time {Acorn Cottage: Nightfall}

 I love the look of white lights at night, warm white lights, not the bluish hues of the hideous LEDs. I recently snapped photos of the yard before leaving for school. The lights of the season make me so happy.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the Acorn Cottage in its holiday splendor.

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Nightfall y'all!


  1. Maybe you could transfix my little 50's cottage?? It would never look like that..It doesn't have the bones..

  2. Good evening, Ron! The facade of the Acorn Cottage looks so warm and cozy in the evening and dawn's early light. I'm so glad you have your privacy fence because your neighbor's house is somewhat tacky! Have a good evening! Cheers! xoxo

  3. Not only is this beautiful, but it is also so very peaceful. Some owners go all out with the colors and such which is fun for the children to see but nice peaceful white lights and decorations are so calming. On another note, I took my 8 year old granddaughter shopping on small business Saturday. She lives in a much much bigger city but loves our historic downtown area. She thanked each shop owner for helping her with her purchases and that she loved their "quaint, charming " shops. We went to a tea room for lunch. She loved it, too. Small business Saturday was a very happy experience ! I'm so glad that I saw your post mentioning it .

  4. My comments still aren't coming thru so I may give up..I'm a fan of white lights as well..Your home always kooks perfect..Enjoy

  5. Ron, did you get my comment last night? I don't see it posted here on this post.

  6. Oh Ron sooooo gorgeous. I love it during the day but oh boy at night even more beautiful. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo

  7. As always, very tastefully done. Your trellis looks absolutely amazing!

  8. You've been decorating since October-- 3 holidays in a row. Your Readers and Neighbors I'm sure, appreciate the lovely views.


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