Monday, December 7, 2020

It's Christmas Time {Acorn Cottage: Living Room}

 Come on in to the Acorn Cottage dressed in her holiday splendor. I am a traditionalist, so I always use red, green, gold, and silver to compliment my seasonal decor. Each year I try and add and change up a few things here and there, but for the most part my decor stays similar from year to year. I love to walk into my home during the month of December. Christmas decorations have always put me in such a great mood.

Come on in... take a mint or two!

The front table features some of my favorite glittered deer and an arrangement of red berries, conifer branches, and glittered sticks. The front table also holds a favorite seasonal candle.

In the window, a blue-colored demijohn sits on a lucite pedestal. Each window features a gold bay leaf wreath hung by a plaid ribbon.

The stockings are hung on the door handles to the sunroom. Each stocking was purchased many years ago from Ballard Designs. Each features a wooden R and J so that Santa knows who to leave a special gift for.

Cedar greens and glittered ornaments hang from the top of the secretary. My favorite Holiday Nest candle, a framed NYC photo of J and I, a couple dapper deer, and seasonal reads fill the desk area. I also love the hand painted ornament of the Acorn Cottage that hangs from the secretary key, and the napkins by August Morgan.

On the coffee table, an old-fashioned Santa, a Revere pewter bowl corrals vintage ornaments, and a candle all sit in a gold tray.

On the hutch, cedar garlands drape the top as two new silvered wreaths hang in the door. The wreaths are a new purchase from Red Onion of Baton Rouge

On the side sofa table, a collection of plaid balls lay on a bed of cedar.

And the tree..... 

The magic of the holiday season is alive and well at the Acorn Cottage.

Merry Christmas, y'all!


  1. Your home is Christmas ready!! All is lovely. I like to shop Red Onion when I visit my Baton Rouge friend.

  2. I love your traditional look. I personally have to have RED somewhere, all the time. Gorgeous photos! Sandi

  3. Swooning on all the details, Ron. I blew up every picture to see all the gorgeous details. Merry Christmas season.

  4. Everything is gorgeous. I really want to steal that bird lamp from you.

  5. Good morning, Ron! I absolutely adore your traditional style of decorating. The addition of new silver wreaths on the the secretary are so pretty! I would love to walk into a living room like yours--so classy and festive! I would want to leave it up all year! Have a great day! xoxo

  6. Oh so lovely Ron! I enjoy each detail. I remember that tall reindeer statue sitting in front of the fireplace at your previous home! Cheers to a Merry Christmas! 🍸🍸


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