Monday, July 19, 2021

Uptown Acorn Travels {Ocean Springs/BSL}

 This weekend, J and I set out for yet another one-tank trip. This time we headed out east to Ocean Springs, MS on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. A trip out east is never complete without a lunch from Half Shell Oyster House located in Gulfport, MS. You must try the voodoo shrimpscrumptious fried Gulf shrimp with a homemade sweet and spicy Voodoo sauce served on Gambino’s French bread. It is my very favorite dish on the menu.

Satiated, we then headed to Ocean Springs, MS.

A quaint, cottage Main Street community nestled amongst centuries-old live oaks on the scenic shore of Coastal Mississippi, Ocean Springs boasts a rich history, artistic flair, lush landscape and small town appeal. Colorful and sophisticated, the community is known for its arts and festivals.

A trip to Ocean Springs is made even more complete by a visit to our favorite Hillyer House.

Hillyer House is a nationally recognized award-winning gallery featured in Southern Living magazine. Established in 1970 by the Hillyer-Reed family, Paige Riley collects brilliant works of art from over 300 local and national artists.

Works of art by our favorite coastal artists, Jean McKee are featured at Hillyer House.

And no stop on the Gulf Coast is ever complete without a peek at the offerings at Gulf Coast Home located on Ulman Street in Bay St. Louis. One of the owners, Wendy was in shop and is one of the friendliest shop owners in the business. The shop is well-appointed with a great selections of home decor and accessories for the modern home. Yes! J and I purchased something, which I'll share with you this week. Hint! Hint! I adore Palm Orleans.

I have been loving these short weekend jaunts. There are so many fun places located just a short drive away.

Gulf Coast, y'all!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to a place I would not otherwise know existed! I know I'd love shopping in Gulf Coast Home!

  2. How fun Ron. That does sound like a yummy dinner! Looks like you had fun! Looking forward to seeing what you bought!


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