Friday, August 20, 2021

It's the Start of a New School Year!!!

 Here I am on the first day of school.

Yes! I am vaccinated!

I always say there is no TIRED like "TEACHER TIRED!" If you are an educator, you know exactly what I am talking about.

School Daze, y'all!


  1. Best wishes for a great school year! I know your jobs have gotten so much more difficult these days. Sending positive vibes and thanks for all that you do!

  2. Good evening, Ron! I hope you had a good first day of school--even though it was hard to go back! Wishing you a great and safe school year! xoxo

  3. Love your mask (and your glasses)! A high school teacher changed my life. He believed that I should apply to better colleges than my guidance counselor was recommending. He took the time to meet with my parents, and as a result, I went to a great school. Teachers rock! Have a great year!


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