Sunday, November 7, 2021

It's Fall Y'all {Thanksgiving: Facade}

 When the "spookies" are packed away, the front of the house gets a mini makeover for the month of November. I used stalks of corn and bittersweet to accent the decor. The pumpkin stacks remain in place. Gold-gilded magnolia wreaths looped with new ribbons were placed on the front door as well as the wall of windows in the front of the house. I also made a cornice out of the corn stalks and placed it over the front entrance. The facade is clean, simple, and Fall.

Our Fall facade, y'all!


  1. Ron, that's gorgeous, especially with the light angles. I really like this.

  2. Just so pretty. Timeless, classic, beautifully designed and photographed.

  3. Looks great, Ron! It's simple, but makes a big statement!

  4. Good morning, Ron! I love the look--it is so Fall and ready for Thanksgiving! Have a great day! xoxo PS, Matthew is playing in the golf scramble to benefit St, Paul's!

  5. Beautiful wreath and the ribbon is perfect...Bittersweet is great this time of year..Enjoy your weekend..


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