Friday, April 15, 2022

Springtime {In the Courtyard}

 I love the greens in the courtyard after a huge rain. The courtyard certainly looks lush and "happy."

Recently planted sunpatiens and white Christmas caladiums are thriving and add to the coolness of the courtyard. I cannot wait for the hundreds of caladium bulbs which were planted in mid-March to make their appearance soon.

A couple Easter egg yard stakes add to the spirit of the season.

Spring Courtyard, y'all!


  1. Lovely courtyard. It's so serene. The black fabric on the one wall is interesting, maybe you posted about it earlier and I missed it. Can you share what you are using? I think it would be a great to screen fences or neighbors and possibly sun.

  2. Your courtyard is beautiful. Everything is so dark green and beautiful. What rain will do right? We are so needing rain. We are desperately dry. Happy Easter to you. Enjoy your beautiful courtyard.

  3. Your courtyard is stunning!!!! Everything is so lush and green.....a great space to relax in.

  4. What a gorgeous space, Ron. So tranquil! I love your black and white umbrella.


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