Thursday, August 17, 2023

My Classroom Theme {Classic Pennants}

 For those of you who did not know or did not remember, our school received quite amount of damage from Hurricane Ida back in 2021, so this summer after much planning, the science lab has received a much needed and long overdue renovation. I was fortunate to be asked my opinions on many of the needs and wants. The area of the space did not change, but just about everything that went into the lab is brand spanking new. All lab stations are new, and I love that each has electrical outlets as well as ample storage. All cabinetry is new. The addition of tall cabinets is a plus to me. A vented hood will allow the safe mixture of chemicals, and a shower and eye wash ensures safety in case of spills and burns.

Since the lab is painted in the school colors of blue and green, I opted for a more classic theme for the school year. Vintage-style felt pennants in various headings make for a classic design. I ordered each from NoxEmber on etsy. I love how each turned out. I also used the newly painted upper glass cabinets as display cabinets and for glassware.

Again, I teach Middle School Science - 6th grade Earth Science, 7th grade Physical Science, 8th grade Life Science. This is year 14 at St. Paul's Episcopal.

Take a look at this year's theme.

View from the hallway door

Pennant Bulletin Board

Hexagon Lab Tables

Homework Board/ This Week

Newline board/ Class Photos

Go Panthers

My new desk/lab table

My new desk- Do you like my lamp? (Stay tuned...)


Upper cabinets/ Display

New Magntic White Boards

Upcoming birthdays

Science Hallway.

Entrance Door

7B Homeroom Students

7B Rocks


Life Science Hall Bulletin Board

Physical Science

Earth Science

Past Classroom Themes: Click to view below.

Out of this World 2022

Classic Pennants, y'all!


  1. That's a gorgeous learning space. I bet your kids love it!

  2. I've said it are a great teacher....the students are so fortunate to have your classes.

  3. What a fantastic classroom! Really handsome. And a soothing color scheme. Lucky kids, lucky you -- what a pleasure to come to school, and particularly YOUR classroom. Wishing you & your kids a good year! 💚


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