Monday, November 6, 2023

Fall Plantings

 At the end of October, the flower beds were cleaned making way for the winter annuals. This year, I added lots of snapdragons in white hues to the front garden. You know the saying, "Green and white is always right!" I totally believe it too. I hope that the snaps  do as well as they did last year.

Snapdragons in the garden, y'all!


  1. Love your green and white...Pumpkins and Bittersweet add a nice touch...Enjoy the rest of the week..

  2. Love your style, Ron, whether it's inside or out. Those snapdragons are pretty. I can only do pansies in my region, and even those will take a beating when the snow comes.

  3. Wow, Ron, really beautiful. I'm with you, I love green & white, simple and great looking. Fabulous with your pumpkins.


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