Monday, November 27, 2023

It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas {Acorn Cottage Facade}

 I am a traditionalist, so my favorite colors to decorate with for the Christmas season are red, green, and gold. Both outside and in, the colors of the season abound in ribbons, wreaths, and holiday-themed accessories.

Let's start with the outside of the Acorn Cottage! This season I added garlands of metallic red balls. I love red for the holidays, so this adds just the perfect seasonal touch.

I adore holiday decorating.


Door Hanger: Southern Antiques

Plaid ribbon: d.stevens through Hazelnut New Orleans

Cedar garland: Mitch's Flowers

Gold soldiers: Green Acres Nursery

Yard Ornaments: Holiballs

Poinsettias: Perino's Nursery

Acorn Cottage Facade, y'all!

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  1. How wonderful to have fresh flowers outside for Christmas, it's 11 degrees here in Chicagoland, and we can't even get our lights up. Your front yard is always beautiful! Sandi


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