Monday, February 26, 2024

Snapdragons are Poppin'

 The snapdragons in the front garden were planted way back in November of last year, and they are still putting on a show. Green and white is always right says James Farmer, and I agree. The white flowers make for such a coolling effect at any time of year.

Thanks again to Perino's Nursery for offering such a healthy selection of annuals from season to season.

The snapdragons really have put on a spectacular show.

Snaps are Poppin', y'all!


  1. So gorgeous, Ron! We're still having winter in between spring teaser days. My pansies overwinter well, but I'm ready to see more blooms!

  2. Beautiful! Green & white is simple & fabulous. I cannot wait for the greening of Virginia. 💚

  3. So pretty Ron! What a joy to have through the winter months and on into spring!


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