Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Miss Muffin

     Filled with lots of great, unique accessories, furniture, clothing, and gifts, Little Miss Muffin is a wonderful shoppe in the heart of Lakeview.

Front facade on Harrison Ave.

     As an accessory connoisseur, Little Miss Muffin carries some of my favorite vendors--- Abigails, Vagabond House, Seda France, Niven Morgan, Aidan Gray, Allison Evans, Currey & Co., Thymes and unique finds from many locals including Oysteria, Toodle Lou Design acrylic paintings, NOLA Tawk pillows, Peter Briant watercolors, Heather McFarlaine watermeter designs, pewter graphic glassware, and Melissa Brownlow hand-painted art.


I want this Vagabond House pheasant tureen

More Vagabond House merch

Love this Vagabond House tray

Seda France...Ooooo la la

Niven Morgan Products....soooo luxurious

Oysteria Hysteria & Allison Evans

    NOLA-inspred unique finds...
Toodle Lou crawfish

Toodle Lou gator....Great for a boys room (Heeeeey, Colette!)

Iconic NOLA pewter graphic glassware...Cheers!

NOLA Tawk custom pillows

Melissa Brownlow painted art

Heather McFarlaine watermeter designs

     It is an amazing little shoppe with wonderful gifts for all occasions. The vignettes throughout the store are well done and are ever-changing.
     Little Miss Muffin also carries a wide array of children's gifts & clothing, religious articles, shoes & accessories, jewelry, and fine bath products. Their seasonal accessories & decorations as well as collegiate merchandise are some of the best in the city.
     Here's a sneak peek at more of this breath-taking gem:

Love the burlap pillows

Love these plates and platters

Arthur Court Crab salad bowl

Gator serveware

Fancy finds

Delightful burlap stool

View as you walk in through the front entrance

     As you can see, Little Miss Muffin is a great go-to shoppe for gifts and home decor. Personally, I can never go into this shoppe without walking out with a "treat" or two. Stop by Little Miss Muffin next time you're in Lakeview. There is also a Metairie Road location. Or visit http://www.shoplittlemissmuffin.com/ !

     Happy Shopping, y'all !


  1. Going to have to check this place out!

  2. I've heard people mention Little Miss Muffin over the years, but I've never been in. I'm friends with Heather MacFarlane, and while of course I've been in their shop on Magazine Street lots, I think I need to head out to Lakeview sometime soon to check out this shop!

  3. Let's add this to the agenda next time your girls come visit :-). xo

  4. A-- you would especially love the children's clothing!!!! We'll add it to the list. xoxo


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