Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank You Very Much...

     Gratititude is a virtue I feel we all need to cultivate.

     Isn't it strange how the art of handwriting personal thank you notes is so passe' for so many individuals today?
     I admire friends, family, and aquaintances who take the extra time, ponder, and put thought to paper just to say a simple "thank you".

King Gator by Alexa Pulitzer

     I feel that a personal thank you note should be written on the following occasions:
  •  when you receive a gift
  •  when someone does something nice for you
  •  when someone stays in your home
  •  when someone cooks dinner for you
     I always keep nice stationery close at hand for these numerous occasions. Nice, often custom stationery is always a must-have at my home. Scriptura, a local stationery shoppe on historic Magazine Street, offers a distinctive array of stationery. I always make this unique shoppe my first stop for distinctive "thank you" notes. Adler's and Home & Garden are also great choices for local Alexa Pulitzer designed choices.

     Here are a few of my own favorites from my personal stationery collection.

Personalized by Dixie Belles, Atlanta

Acorns and Oakleaf, Alexa Pulitzer

NOLA lamppost, Scriptura

Gaslight by Alexa Pulitzer & Stag

Personalized Sketch of my Atlanta home by Dixie Belles & Simple Fleur de Lis note

     And here are a few of my other favorites from locals Alexa Pulitzer & Scriptura.

Hornabet by Alexa Pulitzer

Alexa Pulitzer

Crown by Alexa Pulitzer

Oak Tree by Alexa Pulitzer



     Gratitude does not have to cost very much. Sending a simple thank you note will mean so much to so many. Make it a habit to send a personal, handwritten thank you today.

Thank You, y'all !


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