Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Strolling along Magazine Street.....A.K.A. Stella Gray

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, J and I are excited about the newest addition to the charming and unique shops along Magazine Steet, A.K. A. Stella Gray. The shop is located directly across from Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza.

The shop features works of art by local artists, unique jewelry, and fine home accessories such as exotic seashells, pottery, glassware, mirrors, and more. The shop has such a refined elegance to it without being too stuffy. I especially like the way the owner mixes the traditional pieces with modern finds. The look is cool and eclectic.
View upon walking in through the front door

Love the mirror and zinc topped console

Collection of seashells

Collection of custom ceramics


Check out A.K. A. Stella Gray & some Bohemian luxury, y’all!

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  1. I'm adding this shop to my list of places to shop the next time Natalie and I go to Magazine St. Great blog as usual! :)

  2. Hi, Ron..I'm bj and I met up with you over at Savvy Southern Style...thought I'd pay you a visit and I'm glad I did.
    You have a great blog here and looks like you cover lots of things. This new shop looks so interesting and right off the bat, I want that zinc covered table.
    I just signed up to follow you in Google AND in Linky Followers. :)
    Come by to see me sometime...mostly I seem to have FOOD. :)

  3. I will be on Magazine Street this weekend and will check out all your favs. I just love your blog. I love your style of writing.

  4. AKA Stella Gray is one of my favorites on Magazine Street. Brenda McMiller, Austin

  5. Hi Ron! I am heading over to NOLA from Lake Charles this weekend to do a little shopping.... :) What is your go to list for home décor in uptown? I go to NO frequently but have never done much shopping in your neck of the woods.


    1. Hi Nicki-
      Magazine Street--- Hazelnut, Pied Nu, Scriptura, Perlis, Gentry, Search my blog and put in Magazine Street
      Judy at the Rink

  6. Hi Ron! I am heading to NO this weekend from Lake Charles to do a little shopping....:) What is your go to list for home décor in uptown? I go to NO often but never do much shopping in your neck of the woods. Thanks!



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