Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yachting on the Lake…all in a day’s work


Yesterday, I spent the day on Lake Ponchartrain in a million dollar yacht of a friend of the school where I teach. I was not alone. The 7th grade class at my school takes this much anticipated voyage annually in the month of May. As the advisor to the 7th grade class, I am in charge of putting this enjoyable voyage together.




Besides relaxing and enjoying a ride on Lake Ponchartrain, students are charged with taking water samples from 8 locations on the Lake. Later this week in physical science class, we will conduct various tests on the lake water such as salinity, pH, and dissolved oxygen levels. It is interesting to compare readings from year to year. So see it’s not all play, it is a little work for the 7th graders.



Besides the collection of water samples, students steer the boat. This is always enjoyable for each and everyone.


This year, students donned life jackets and even had a chance to swim in the Lake. The Lake has certainly come a long way in recent years. I can remember just a few years ago when the Lake was nonswimmable due to poor water condition. The Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation has made many improvements on our Lake.


Enjoy our Lake, y’all!


And the countdown til my SUMMER continues…


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  1. You have a dream teaching job, Ron! I know those students love you. :)

  2. What a fantastic day for your students....they probably didn't even realize how much they were taking in!!!!! I found you through Sherry's blog and had to come and visit...your house tour was lovely.....

  3. Ron, How fun for the students and for you! Sounds like a great day.

  4. What a fun trip! I am sure the students that are so excited to have you as their teacher.

    Also wanted to stop by and say I so enjoyed your home tour on Open House Party with Sherry. I have visited your blog a few times, but never have had the time to see so much of your home. Love the oyster plates, the lobster on the front door made my LOL..but my heart flipped at the back (side) garden?. You have designed a so fun older Southern Home while staying true to it's roots. Love it!

  5. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Coming over from Sherry's blog...LOVE your very pretty!!


  6. Hi Ron - not too shabby a job you have there! Coming over from No Minimalist here to drool over your beautiful home!!!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you follow back - not to many men in these here parts ( blogworld ) !!!!!

  7. It looks like y'all were having a great time! What a wonderful way to have fun and learn about the importance of improving and preserving the water quality of the lake.
    Thanks so much Ron for the book. It arrived today and it's gorgeous!

  8. Hey Ron, Saw your house at Sherry's... So pretty! I am contemplating painting my house a similar shade, maybe just a tich more blue though... haven't decided yet. I'm gonna follow you on LF and look for you on FB too... come over and visit me sometime. Little Bit from

  9. Fun times. Yachting? Oh, Thurston Howell, you have the LIFE. xo Jill


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