Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary Colette & Chris!!!


I can’t let the day go by without wishing my favorite sister and brother-in-law a Happy 12th Anniversary! It seems like only yesterday we were all preparing for the special day by getting ready for your vows at St. Joseph and reception at HoJo.


Thanks for giving us the two most beautiful nephews that any uncle could have.


Cheers to Colette and Chris (or as I refer to him, CLIS --- Christian Lapeyre Insurance Services--- ha!) !!!

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I wish you a great 12th one. And here’s to many, many more!

Cheers, Co & Clis!


  1. good looking family ron....hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    my SIL would love being in NO this weekend...he's a big alabama fan...the only "odd" one out in this auburn family...although with auburn's record this year i'm not saying that too loud!

  2. A great montage of pics depicting Colette's and Chris' beautiful family! Sending congrats and blessings to them and their adorable family! JuDavid

  3. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple. Ummmm...Your FAVORITE sister? I am hoping you only have ONE sister or you are dog meat in the family! xo Diana

  4. Happy Anniversary #12, Chris and Colette. Praying for many more loving ones.

    Thanks for the gift of those two wonderful grandsons.

  5. Happy Anniversary to your favorite sis! What a great looking couple!


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