Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oyster Plates {The Plantation Shop}


Notice anything new in the parlor? Look closely.


Did you? Yes! I purchased three oyster plates recently.


Sometimes “liking” a facebook page costs money as I could not pass up this set of oyster plates from the The Plantation Shop, one of my favorite shops on Amelia Island.

The Plantation Shop: click HERE to visit the facebook page

After seeing the plates, I immediately called The Plantation Shop and had the plates shipped here.


I love the brown and cream colors of the plates and go perfectly above the secretary in the parlor.


My mollusk fascination continues, and the collections grow.

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Oyster plates, y’all!


  1. Those are beautiful and so perfect for the parlor! What a nice purchase. Have a great day! <3

  2. Fantastic find and look fabulous in their new home!
    Hope your health is holding. Have a good weekend

  3. Beautiful! The are a wonderful combination of color and texture. Great find!

  4. Those are the perfect accent for your home. You have a nice collection going now. I know what you mean about the temptations out there when you see something advertised. Looks like yours was the right decision! Whenever I see anything like those, I think of you now. LOL!

  5. One day I am expecting you to roll yourself into a pearl shape and find a big shell to nestle in----okay---your plates are beautiful and perfect for the parlor! xo Diana

  6. I adore, ADORE oyster plates. Only have a few, but they are beautiful, aren't they? And so very southern!

  7. The looks sooo good above your new secretary. Love the nautilus shell too. I'm looking at what you have in your secretary, for inspiration. I need to redo mine. :)

  8. Those plates are beautiful! and the Plantation Shop on Amelia is one place I cannot resist! There is always something good to buy there, isn't it? Dangerous territory for my purse to wander into. You made a beautiful purchase.

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  10. So pretty and look great above your secretary...your parlor is gorgeous!

  11. I love your plates but that secretary even more!!!!!!!!!!! You have a great eye, Ron.

  12. Thanks a lot. Now I'll go to the Plantation Shop and find something I'll have to buy ;) Love your plates, but I covet that secretary. And, I just went to confession tonight. I just started following you, and you're already a bad influence on me! Love your blog :)


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