Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lest We Forget…9/11


9/11…numbers we will never forget.

9 11

I had just moved to Atlanta and was working the front desk at J’s real estate office when I received the news of a plane striking the World Trade Center tower. Everyone in J’s office was glued to the TV all day.

Who would have thought this one day could have changed our way of living & thinking for years to come?

Where were you on 9/11/01?


My thoughts and prayers are with all who were affected that dreadful day.

Never forget.


9/11, y’all!


  1. I was at E D White. It was 2nd period, and it was one of my planning periods, and I was in the lounge drinking coffee. The television was on, and there was breaking news showing the first tower on fire. Then, we saw the second plane hit the other tower. The entire school were glued to the televisions all day. I will never forget that fateful day. :/

  2. I will never forget. I was still teaching too, and the announcement came over the PA system. We were glued to the TV in our classrooms. Mary, Buffalo

  3. I was in my kitchen when my son called to tell me a plane had crashed into The World Trade Center. He was, and still is, working in downtown Manhattan. The days that followed were crushingly brutal. So many lost. Thank you for remembering. I will never forget.

  4. I remember it well too. I was so shocked and was glued to the tv most of the day as well. I was feeding my youngest child who was only 4 mos. old at the time in the kitchen. I had the news on and my husband was getting ready to go to work. I yelled outside to him about what I saw on tv and he came running in. We both stood there with our hearts racing in disbelief of what we were seeing. We've never seen any attack on U.S. soil before during our lifetime! It made us feel very vulnerable. It's sad to think of all that lost their life that day.

  5. My post was about 911 today, too, Ron. It was an awful tragedy that forever changed our world as we knew it. Blessings- xo Diana

  6. I was online working, and I lost my Computer signal, which should have never had happened. I went to check the main phone, and walked by a TV which I had on for the news, and I just stopped.
    I raced to the phone and I called my Father and we both spoke on the phone and watched the TV's and I screamed and kept screaming when I saw a man whom was high up in the first tower. He was handsome beyond belief. He kept looking behind his back. He crossed himself and swan dove.
    To this day I weep when I think about him, and ALL of the others. What my Father and I saw was never shown again. I have to live with this, and I wish that I could have done something for this man as it haunts me to this day.
    I do not know his name but I feel connected to him in many ways, due to this Nightmare which was done to Everyone in this small world in which we live.
    People should have much more tolerance and should truly try and get along with each other.
    Please, do not Ever forget 911.


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