Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scentsational Scoop {Apothecary Guild’s Aqua Waters}


It’s been a while since I shared a candle post with you. I thought it was appropriate that I share a summer scented candle. A few months ago, my “friend” at Carlyle Avenue sent me a couple of the elegant cloche-topped candles in a couple scents. One peaked my interest as a great summer scent, Aqua Waters. Don’t you just love the name?

carlyle avenue


I have been a fan of these darling cloche-topped candles for a while, and I have to recommend the Aqua Waters scent.

  • Fragrance Notes: Aquatic Notes, Oceanic Salt Water, Sea Salt Rose, Cucumber Water, Casaba Melon, Driftwood, Sandalwood, Warm Sand



The candle has such a pleasant, day at the beach scent throw. The cloche is such a nice addition to these candles.

The Apothecary Guild scented candle jar with glass dome comes in six different colors and burns with six different gorgeous fragrances.  These candles use the highest quality wax and vegetable blends with 100% bleach free wicks.  This assures an even, long-burning fragrance with maximum diffusion.

candle lit

You can order one today at Carlyle Avenue and be transported to your favorite beach locale. “Like” Carlyle Avenue on facebook: click HERE.

Do not forget to enter the NOLA Couture give away through rafflecopter HERE.

give away

Aqua Waters, y’all!



  1. I bought the Apothecary Guild Crimson Leaves candle at Christmas time. I love the cloche that covers it. I may have to buy this one for the summer. I know if you like it, then it has to smell good. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. These look like great candles. Love the cloche!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I adore candles as does the hubby. I have a few that I actually picked up at Target of all places that have a wonderful seaside scent. I love the cloches however, added bonus.

  4. Those are beautiful candles! I like that they come with a cloche lid too. Wish I could smell it through the computer monitor.

  5. Ron- That makes me wish blogging had "scent". lol That sounds like a candle I would LOVE! I don't like anything that is too floraly-or heavy scented-especially in the summer.

    I bought Beach perfume by Bobbi Brown and I just absolutely LOVE it- it smells like THE BEACH! xo Diana

  6. That does sound like a nice scent. I like the color too- perfect for summer. I bought one of these last fall in a different scent- really nice and the cloche makes it so unique! I may consider the large one to add to what I have.

  7. I have to check this one out Ron! Thanks for the info!


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