Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Going Bananas!


Banana trees are a common feature in New Orleans area landscapes. They are primarily grown for the tropical look they bring with their enormous leaves waving in the summer breezes. The huge leaves are easily recognizable.

dining room

A couple months ago on a stroll along Magazine Street, I picked up this banana leaf runner at Orient Express (on the corner of Magazine Street & General Taylor). I could not believe how realistic the leaf appeared. I knew immediately that it would look great on the breakfast table. The breakfast room overlooks the courtyard so the green leaf helps to bring the outdoors in.



Also in the middle, I added a small blooming bromeliad plant to the oyster shell planter.


Banana trees are a part of the tropical look of New Orleans and now part of my Southern-inspired breakfast room.



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give away 6

Banana leaf, y’all!



  1. Love the banana leaf runner--so unique. I have a bromeliad just like yours on my dining room table. A friend sent it to me for Mothers Day! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Such a fun runner. I love the tropical look of the two combined. Gives me the island feel. Your giveaway is doing great! xo

  3. That is so REAL looking, Ron. When I saw the blog link on FB with the picture, I thought that you had cut one from a tree. Great look.

  4. It looks so real! I thought you were going to say you picked a leaf up off the sidewalk while out strolling. LOL Gorgeous. And, I love that oyster shell plater as well. I have a bunch of shells I need to create something with.

  5. Wow, Ron, when I saw the first pic, I thought the banana leaf was real! My banana plant didn't come back, after that awful winter weather. The ice killed my jasmine, as well. Love the tropical look of your table. Love bromeliads, too!

  6. Very pretty, but I must ask where did you find that gorgeous tablecloth? I love toile and that is beautiful!

  7. It looks great on your table. Love the planter also!

  8. That is a truly realistic banana leaf! We had one of those bromeliad plants once, but it apparently wasn't happy here.:-( Beautiful blooms!

  9. My gosh- when I glanced at that I thought it was the real thing until I read your post! Amazing and I LOVE it! xo Diana

  10. I thought it was real too! Looks fantastic with that planter! ;)


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