Monday, May 11, 2015

Mantle, Mantle in the Parlor {Results and a Change}


Thanks to all of you who weighed in to my scale vignette on the parlor mantle recently. I love your comments and appreciate each and every one.

11 votes for Number 3.

Choice 3

6 votes each for Numbers 1 & 2.

choice 1

choice 2

4 votes for leaving the scales bare. Hmmmmm? Those of you who know me know my philosophy that more is MORE. LOL!

But look what I did…..





I am not an asymmetrical person, but I did take one suggestion and put the cranes together with the scale on the other side.


Secretly, I am kinda liking it.

Vintage scale vignette, y’all!


  1. You know what? I like your arrangement best! The one you just displayed today with the cranes together on one side looks perfect!

  2. The cranes seem so much happier now that they're together and not yearning for each other from across the mantle. Seriously though, the mantle is perfect - love it!

  3. I really like this. Seems to be more balanced! (ha)


  4. Oh my.....! Just love it! Your fireplace is already so symmetrical. I love how the green of the crane bases and the boxwood green balances each other and gives height on either side. You did it! Don't change a thing!

  5. They all look fabulous! The cranes look good together. I understand your dilemma. I like things balanced....LOL...xo

  6. Love the cranes together. Much more visual impact. I think each element stands out more now.

  7. I love it like this!!! Perfect. xoxo

  8. They all work well but the cranes do look good clustered together so I like this new look a lot! I gravitate towards symmetry too but I enjoy seeing a well done asymmetrical look and you achieved it!

  9. Lovely! Perfection...just as always ;).

  10. I like this one too! My favorite thing is using old books to create height, visual anchor, balance and history. We are in the process of moving and I've found that I can't give up any of my antique books! Well done, Ya'll! ;)

  11. Good morning, Ron! I absolutely love it! Don't change a thing! Have a great day! xoxo

  12. LOVE it! I love asymetric designs...keep your eye moving.

  13. All that matters is that you love it and it makes you happy, and it sounds like you achieved your goal! Congrats. Y'alls home is very "Nu-awlins" style , like mine. Love it! Maybe we can swap some plant ideas for our courtyards sometimes over a tall glass of cold ice tea with lots of lemon, or hmm.....and maybe something a lil stronger added...wink,wink? :) Love your southern birds paintings. I do acrylics, but I am inspired to try oils because of those gorgeous birds! I love painting our 200+ year old magnificent live oak trees here in the deep south also. My soul mate and I just completed a large canvas painting of live oak trees , to place over our den mantle. Its done in shades of gray .We both have very different styles of painting so we wanted to create a piece of art that married our two styles. I like the results. I believe art is meant to create a feeling in the person viewing it, and in this hectic world who doesnt need the irony of subtle calmness paired with a little mystery in their life? Hence, the gray color palette. Thanks again for the inspiration.. Btw, I was one of the "Les is more" people in voting on your mantle. I think if its grouped well together there is always an exception to the rule though, y'all.:) Thanks for sharing your beautiful home Ron!

  14. Oh, Ooops.. I subconsciously spelled it "Les is more" instead of "Less is more" in my comment, probably because my loves name is Les, and he frequently reminds me that Les is more! :) I know words spelled incorrectly drives teachers crazy so I thought I should clear that up...heck, I'm not even a teacher and it bothers me:) .. cheers!

  15. Ron,
    I love the cranes together and how the vignette looks. You do the best vignettes because you do what you love and that is what makes the difference. So beautiful. Great job.

  16. Hi Ron! Oh, this looks so pretty! You're good! I hate I don't pop in as often as I'd like but your blog posts don't always pop up on my blog roll! Shoot! :) Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. I recant my #3 vote bc this is perfect.. Good eye

  18. As long as you and J like it, that's all that matters! It looks lovely and I like the cranes together.



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