Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If I Only had an Extra…


$12.5 million dollars! I’d definitely put in a solid offer to purchase Riverbend, Paula Deen’s home on Wilmington Island near Savannah, GA.

Reports are that she has recently put her home on the market for $12.5 million.

Her Wilmington Island home has been a favorite of mine ever since she toured it with Miss Oprah. The setting, decor, and finishes all have me at “hello”.








According to Savannah Morning News:

“Deen’s publicist, Jaret Keller, confirmed Monday that Deen put her Wilmington Island home on the market Saturday. The property, which overlooks the Wilmington River, is listed with Seabolt Brokers and Christie’s International Real Estate.

“Her travel schedule has been extremely hectic with her new projects. She is rapidly expanding her restaurant business,” Keller said of Deen, whose newest restaurant, Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen, opened in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., last week.

That added to her already busy schedule of managing her digital network that launched in September and a mobile game that launched in mid-March, Keller said.

The property, named Riverbend, boasts a media room complete with a movie screen, projector and soda fountain, study aviary, pool with dive-in movie theater and a large master suite overlooking the river. The home’s main living area also served as the wedding location for Deen’s younger son, Bobby, in 2013.

And if the main home’s 14,500 square feet aren’t enough for your entertaining needs, there are also two guest cottages, a dock house and a 10,000-square-foot barn with three bed rooms and room for eight cars and two RVs all on a private 5.5 acres.

While Deen’s main filming location in Savannah has been at her former residence, dubbed, Dogwood, she has filmed segments for her digital network in her Riverbend estate, Keller said.

The professional gourmet kitchen includes a copper farm-style sink, large cabinets, commercial grade appliances and a large butler’s pantry.

If you want to take in views of the river while cooking, there’s also a large outdoor kitchen with four refrigerators, three grills, smoker, oven and ice maker.

But Deen fans shouldn’t worry, Savannah’s butter queen isn’t leaving town — although she is looking at purchasing a second home in New York City — she’s simply looking to downsize from the six-year-old French Caribbean style home, Keller said.

“... She has several entertainment projects in development that have been bringing her to New York City and Los Angeles regularly in addition to going to Minnesota for her EVINE shows. When Paula is in Savannah, she wants an easier and simpler life,” Keller said.

“She can’t wait to find, renovate and design her next home.”

Please donate to the Uptown Acorn Fund to purchase Riverbend….LOL!

Riverbend, y’all!


  1. That place is dreamy!!! I would pack my bags SO fast!

  2. That house looks more like a resort!! I love her kitchen!! I couldn't imagine the upkeep of a place that size though. You would have to hire a full time staff!

  3. Love that house! I'll contribute if I can get one of the guest cottages!

  4. I LOVE her house....I could move right in and not change a single thing!!!!!!

  5. Lots of attention to detail...just too too much though. Wonder who will buy it? After you do Ron.

  6. Wow I'd have a hard time letting go of such a wonderful home! I can't quite imagine owning a $14,000 + sq. ft. home but it would be fun to find out what it's like! I'm going to look for the listing to see more of the rooms!

  7. Good morning, Ron! Wow, what a home! I'm with Linda--I'll contribute, too, if I can have one of the guest cottages. ;) Have a great day! xoxo

  8. I'll kick in a million if you let me have the room with the river view when I'm in town!

  9. If only I had that too! Love the home, thanks for the quick tour Ron!

  10. I just love every minute of that gal! I was surprised to hear of this home for sale and the sale of Riverbend. Does anyone know which one was built on Michael's family land? I thought I heard he had family land on the Savannah River. I hate the thought of family land being sold away...

  11. I can't even imagine all that space and luxury! The kitchen is a cook's dream and the pool area would be heaven to entertain friends and family. I've got $5 if that would help! LOL


  12. You are so funny! Sure..........I'll donate. NOT! Maybe I should start a fund instead. (hee hee) I haven't kept up with Paula Dean as much lately since she's no longer on the Food Network. So, it's nice to see pics of this house and I didn't even know her youngest son got married! Geesh! I'm really behind. I wonder who will be the lucky person to get to live there next!

  13. It would be a dream to have a kitchen like that one! How's the fund coming along?LOL


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