Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Love {Edison Bulbs}

Last summer I literally fell in love with the city of Seattle and cannot wait to return. I also fell in love with the shop, Timothy DeClue Collection. If you are not following the shop on facebook, you must. Click HERE.

I spotted these extra large Edison bulbs in his shop and knew they would work perfectly over the bar. With 14 foot ceilings, small Edison bulbs just do not do the trick.

Timothy suggested three in differing shapes, and I am glad I chose them. They look great hanging together. They compliment each other so well.

They are not cheap but will last a long time, and they each make a huge statement between the kitchen and breakfast room.

Do you use Edison bulbs? I love the industrial look of the bulbs. They work beautifully with my traditional decor.

You can shop the Edison bulbs HERE.

Extra Large Edison Bulbs, y'all!


  1. the Edison bulbs look great, lovely choice.

  2. I do love those kinds of bulbs bult I don't have a spot for any. I didn't know that the kitchen was open to the breakfast room! Looks like these provide a nice visual impact!

  3. Good morning, Ron! Love the look of the Edison bulbs--so industrial chic, and so you! Please wish J a Happy Birthday for me. Today is my brother Billy's big 60th birthday! Have a great day! xoxo


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