Thursday, November 17, 2016

Giving Thanks for ... {Bittersweet}

Why do I always think of Dolly or Whitney when I use the word, bittersweet? You know, "Bittersweet memories is all I'm taking with me" from the huge hit, "I Will Always Love You."

Today, I am really thinking about bittersweet as in the branch with lovely fall-colored berries. 
I love, love to use bittersweet at this time of year, and my local florist Mitch's Flowers carries a huge selection.

With sinuous, reaching tendrils and bright orange bittersweet berries, these branches make a striking addition to my Autumnal d├ęcor.

This year, the ladies at Mitch's made two swags for atop each front door completely out of bittersweet branches and Spanish moss.

The bittersweet was also used as a filler in the trophy cups I shared with you last week.

I have used this faux bittersweet for years now, and it is at least 8 years old. It is one of the most realistic ones I've seen. It did cost a pretty penny at the time, but quality does pay for itself in the long run.

More about bittersweet:
The female plants produce the berries, but only if there is a male plant nearby to fertilize the flowers. American bittersweet vine grows quickly, covering trellises, arbors, fences and walls. Use it to cover unsightly features in the home landscape. When used as a ground cover, it will hide rock piles and tree stumps.

You can view more of my Giving Thanks series all November:

Thanks for bittersweet, y'all!


  1. I like the wispiness of each branch and the berries help too.

  2. Beautiful swags, Ron. Bittersweet signals autumn for me. I use it every year.

    1. It does to me too. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

  3. Good morning, Ron! Love those swags--Mitch's did it again! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. Love the swags with bittersweet and Spanish moss. You were smart to buy well-made are still using it and it still looks good. We used to go out into the country and collect bittersweet. Have you done a post on where and how you store your seasonal pretties?

    1. I have not but I will do. It ain't pretty!!!! xo

  5. I have always loved bittersweet, your swags look fabulous!

  6. The bittersweet if so pretty in all your decor. Love the swag over the door. Gorgeous as always Ron.
    Happy Friday.

  7. I do love the bittersweet! It looks perfect the way you've mixed it in here and there. Love the new door swag!

  8. Love the swags over the door. They really did an outstanding job. Your home always looks so pretty.


  9. Beautiful swag, so perfect for autumn. Your home looks fabulous.

  10. Love it! The swags are perfect!



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