Friday, November 18, 2016

Giving Thanks for ... {Hearth}

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Nest candles. Though my favorite is Holiday, I love the scent of Hearth during November. It is a perfect Fall scent. This November, I am totally enjoying the autumn/winter fragrance by Nest.

The Hearth scent is from Laura Slatkin, an amazing candle designer.

I purchased the regular candle for the parlor and a larger one for the den.

A couple diffusers in the Hearth scent are scattered throughout the home.

Nest candles can be purchased at Perch on Magazine Street: 

click HERE

Nest website says:
 Hearth embodies the rich aroma evocative of a crackling fireplace. The exotic notes of frankincense, dark woods and hints of smoky embers are combined to create a complex, sophisticated and distinctive mood for the winter season.

You can view more of my Giving Thanks series all November:

Thanks for Hearth, y'all!


  1. Replies
    1. They smell so good and the containers are so stylish.

  2. Well hi there, Ron! Don't think we've met. Came over from Common Ground. Sure is nice to see a man in this home and garden blogging genre!

    1. Thanks Brenda. I appreciate the visit and comment.

  3. Oh- That sounds like a wonderful scent. One of the best things about the seasons for me is the different scents. I bet your house smells GREAT!!! xo Diana

  4. Good morning, Ron! I love Nest candles, too! I bet that is a great scent! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. If you have a gaggle of ladies in your house, sniffing around, you know that your readers are there to snoop around and enjoy your candles. ha! Nothing better than a lovely scent in the home. Your home always looks lovely and I rather doubt if you are a messy, clothes-on-the-floor, dishes-in-the-sink sort of fella.

  6. Ron, I know you've recommended these candles in the past and yet I still haven't tried one. :/ The scent sounds wonderful...I can only imagine how it must be in real life! I'm a certified candleholic and have no desire to change ~ :)

    Would love to visit that little shop!

  7. I'm a candle whore and was sooooo excited to burn a balsam candle tonight since it was snowing. Love that store! So cute! I'm going to order a hearth. Slatkin did candles for Bath & Body works for a while I think

    1. What brand of Balsam candle? I love that scent.

  8. Hi Ron,
    I love Nest Candles too. Love having the candles going at this time of the year. Have a great week leading up to Thanksgiving. Enjoy.


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