Thursday, December 29, 2016

Heaux. Heaux. Heaux. {Bar Cart}

During the fall, I acquired a new bar cart that I added to the breakfast room. I have been perusing pinterest and other blogs to get ideas on perfect, REALISTIC styling techniques. Many I see are pretty but are too impractical for daily use. I want to be able to use the cart for soirees and gatherings of friends and family.

For the Christmas season, I added the tinsel tree into a Vagabond House ice bucket. The tree was filled with martini olive ornaments {Hazelnut} as well as plastic martini glass ornaments {Sur la Table} and a shaker {Sur la Table}, shaken not stirred.

Monogrammed R & J cocktail napkins and cheers stirring sticks from Emily McCarthy are very practical.

All good bar carts require an ice bucket, a decanter, and drinking vessels. 

A bar towel with the sentiment "Laissez les bon temps rouler" hangs from the side.

Alcohol and other accoutrements are located on the bottom shelf.

I know the bar cart with be useful. Being portable, the cart is a practical furniture piece.

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  1. Good evening, Ron! I love what you did with the bar cart for Christmas! I know we will see many transformations of it during the coming seasons--Mardi Gras is next! What a great piece to have since it is portable. I might have to purchase one of those myself! Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  2. Love your bar cart. What a great piece and styled beautifully. Happy New Year.

  3. Ron, I just LOVE all your posts and look forward to reading them. Is your pineapple decanter from Pier One? I found you through reading Dixie Delights. Am so glad I did. Happy New Year!!!

  4. What an elegant bar cart! I love the martini theme of your tree.

  5. The bar cart is a handsome and very useful piece of furniture. My favorite is the tinsel tree. Happy New Year to you and J. xoxo

  6. I love it Ron! Agree, so many I see look pretty but are not practical. I don't need another dust collector!!


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