Monday, August 14, 2017

Every school year should feel this good.

"Every school year should feel this good" adopted from my favorite Vineyard Vines slogan "Every day should feel this good" is the theme of my science classroom for the year. I incorporated the slogan along with the whale in the bulletin boards around the room and in the hall.

"WHALE"-come Back!

Every school year should feel this good.

Every science lab should be this good.

Every homeroom should be this good.

The insides of the cabinets were covered in green/blue paper ordered from Spoonflower. Our school colors are navy and green.

I even used Vineyard Vines signature tissue to cover bulletin boards and insides of cabinets. 



Lamp Shade

Vineyard Vines Whale Hats


Canal Place - New Orleans

I love to wear Vineyard Vines clothing, so the theme is preppy and perfect for me.

Every school year should feel this good, y'all!


  1. This is an amazing theme for your creative! Do you change the theme decor every year? How lucky those kids are to have a science teacher like you. Hope your year is off to a great start!

  2. What a great slogan! Love your attention to creative details!

  3. You my friend have outdone yourself! Every school year starts with an awesome teacher!

  4. I think this is the third year I've enjoyed your creative "themes" in your science classroom. Love them! When asked why I chose to teach high school for 30 years instead of lower grades, I always replied--only half in jest--NO BULLETIN BOARDS! But like you, I loved my career.

  5. Ron!!! You are showing us all up! I love this! I need to do my room in a blue/white gingham!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. Very cool, Ron. I hope you and your students have a great year. I love it all, esp the paper backings, the Whale come back sign, and your name in the elements!

  7. Good morning, Ron! Just when I thought you could not have outdone yourself decorating your classroom in a cool and unique theme, you did! I absolutely LOVE everything about it--the blue and white gingham and the whale wrapping paper all through the room is adorable. I especially love the clock and the 'Whale'-come Back sign--so clever. Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher, and I know your classroom is the envy of the rest of the faculty! Have a great beginning of the school year! xoxo

  8. Every year I look forward to the theme you choose for you science classroom. The kids must LOVE this one!

  9. Such a cool classroom. I don't ever remember having a teacher as cool as you!!

  10. I LOVE THIS! You are creating little Vineyard Vines customers, too :) My son worked there in college and loved it...still loves the clothes. Great job, Ron.

  11. You are a super hero Ron. The kids are going to love you. Love the theme for the new school year.

  12. What an awesome teacher you are. Your students will love the year they share with you!

  13. This is fabulous. Good luck this year.


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